Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty Set {+ Coupon!}

Jahgoo 3-in-1 Potty

Potty, Toilet Seat and Step Stool

Jahgoo Baby Hardware

2011/2012 Practical Parenting & Pregnancy Awards Bathtime Product Category-GOLD-(Jahgoo Baby Bath Support)

Kastel International, Inc.

This gorgeous and practical 3-in-1 bath room accessory is, first and foremost, an ergonomically designed potty. The reservoir is easy to remove for uncomplicated cleaning. The removable non-slip toilet seat fits perfectly on any toilet seat. The stool can be used as a foot rest when sitting on the big toilet, or as a stand-alone step stool. When the child is fully potty trained, the stable step stool turns into a handy tool for all those hard-to-reach places around the house as it holds both children and adults.

The 3-in-1 Potty is available in white or lime.

You might remember last summer I started talking about potty training… and the right potty.

When it first came to finding a potty for my toddler, pretty much I had only heard of one brand and then whatever cheap thing from W-M. I had to order the first one, a Baby B’jorn Little Potty offline and it was great, but after a while she grew out of it and we had to move up to the Baby B’jorn Smart Potty. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like those pottys, but when it’s too small it’s too small. She still can use our Smart Potty in our bathroom, but it is getting a little short for her. So… I’ve started the searching for something bigger and better. I’ve been a little put off by the Baby B’jorn Potty Chair because I think it is expensive for what it is… but then… I discovered Jahgoo!

The Jahgoo 3-in-1 potty is exactly what I need! Had I known about it before, we could have skipped getting the Smart Potty or the Little Potty and would have saved some money. This one will get us through. It is large enough to use as she grows, but also the shape of it would have allowed her smaller bum to sit comfortably (without falling in!) at the first stages of learning. Then then amazing thing, when we would be stepping up to the next stage with a toilet seat reducer, this one has it! This potty (ours is white – what you see in the picture is green) fits perfectly over the normal toilet seat and also provides the same seat she’d be used to using. Then the base flips over for a step stool. We’re not there yet (as my girl is quite petite, but once we get there I’m thrilled that it’s already here for us).

We had bought a cheap version of a step stool and toilet seat, but the material is so flimsy I feel it will not last and the few times she’s tried to use it, she’s flown right off. (Although the one time right after a nap, I kinda blame on daddy. Seriously, who puts a wobbly toddler on top of the high potty? Really??) The shape and form of the Jahgoo Toilet Seat Reducer is great and will not add to a slip right off like the flat one you can find in most cheap stores. Then maybe this is just me with my nursing background… but say when your toddler is older and you need to catch something to take to the doctor, you still have the insert from when it was a potty on it’s own that you could use. (Now isn’t that more desirable than the things a doctor would send home…)

Jahgoo has really covered everything with their 3-in-1 and the best part is that you can get all three pieces that will grow with your child and continue to be used for years for the same price as one Potty Chair. Now that excites me. It really is affordable and such better quality than others that you find and that makes me a happy mama.

Other neat new things for 2012 have me adding to my wishlist from Jahgoo while I’m at it. What a great new brand! The new Toilet Paper Holder has me wishing. Oh and while you’re looking around, you could get the Toilet Seat Reducer on it’s own (if you’re half past the potty stage).

You can buy all Jahgoo products from Kastel International, Inc.

Toilet Seat Reducer

A stylish and very stable toilet seat reducer.  The ergonomic design of the seat ensures comfort for the baby and due to its anti-slip botton and slide-prevention piece, it fits snug on every adult toilet.

Available in Lime or White

Toilet Paper Holder

A toddler’s very own toilet paper holder!  Jahgoo’s stylish toilet paper holder can be easily placed at the right height for a child with its strong suction cup.  Drilling is not necessary; so no unsightly holes remain once a child is potty trained.

Available in White

So go welcome Jahgoo to the US, you won’t be disappointed! I sure am not. 🙂 Thanks to the publicist for providing a potty set for review. We could not be more ecstatic about it. 🙂




Collection Offers Parents Highly Functional and Cleverly Designed

Baby Gear at an Affordable Price


Chester, New Jersey­­­­­­– (September 2011) – Jahgoo, a Dutch-designed line of stylish international baby hardware including a high chair, potties, baby bath items and step stools makes its U.S. debut. Kastel International, a global distributor with a specialty in the juvenile goods industry, will manage distribution and marketing of the Jahgoo brand in the United States.

The Jahgoo collection was created as a solution for practical, design-conscious and price-sensitive baby gear that keeps bathroom (and home) décor looking great with its simple lines and smart design.  Jahgoo was founded in by designer and product developer Hans Pompen, a dad of two (Sofia 7, and Isabel 3), whose experience a parent inspires much of what he does.

Pompen did not want his bathroom to be clogged with outdated, space-hogging eyesores, crying out for a redesign.  “As a parent, you simply seem to tolerate all of those primary colors and blocky shapes around the house,” said Pompen.  “Jahgoo was born out of my desire to create highly functional, hip, design-conscious baby gear at a very affordable price.”


So, how did “Jahgoo” become “Jahgoo”?

First, when bathing your children, the bathroom turns into a jungle.  With “screaming monkeys” and a lot of mess.  The tub looks like a Jacuzzi with bubbles and kids splashing water everywhere.  Lastly, baby’s first words sound like goo-goo.  Blend jungle, Jacuzzi and goo-goo into one nonsensical word and you get Jahgoo!

Jahgoo products are available online at www.kastelinternational.com and at leading specialty juvenile products stores nationwide.


About Jahgoo

Founded by designer and entrepreneur Hans Pompen, Jahgoo offers an ergonomicallydesigned and price-sensitive collection of products for modern parents and for baby’s pleasure and comfort.  The Jahgoo collection of hip, design-conscious baby hardware products includes a high chair, step stool, potty, 3-in-1 potty, toilet seat, step stool, bath, bath support, toilet seat reducer and toilet paper holder.



About Kastel International

Founded in 1996 by Stellario D’Urso, the Kastel portfolio includes an array of innovative leading brands in the juvenile goods category.  The Kastel team is comprised of seasoned marketing industry veterans with global experience handling domestic and European-based brands.   For more information visit www.kastelinternational.com.
Kastel International brings high-quality, modern, European baby and child products to the United States. Its featured brands, Mutsy, Jahgoo, BabyZoo and Babyhome offer well designed products that make a difference in the everyday lives of babies and parents.
Today through January 31st, 2012, Kastel International is offering a 20 percent coupon on their Facebook page on any purchase from their BabyZoo and Jahgoo lines.  BabyZoo is a line of innovative sleep aids for children and Jahgoo, a collection of modern designed bathroom items.  Head to https://www.facebook.com/KastelInternational?v=app_237202476309340 to get your coupon today.

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