Ani’s Raw Food Asia by Ani Phyo

Ani’s Raw Food Asia by Ani Phyo
Genre: Cookbook
Pages: 306 Paperback
Date Published: May 15th, 2011
Publisher: Da Capo Pres

You’ve been to her kitchen, enjoyed her desserts, and mastered the essentials; now go with raw food goddess Ani Phyo back to her roots for the first ever Asian raw food cookbook. Along with recipes from Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, and Hawaii and background information on traditional dishes, Ani’s Raw Food Asia also offers essential tips on green living, well-being, longevity, fitness, beauty, and entertaining as inspired by a healthy Asian lifestyle.Recipes include: Mixed Vegetable Skewers with Almond-Butter Sauce, Creamed Curry Saag, Vegetable Tempura with Orange Lemongrass Dipping Sauce, Marinated Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings, Corn Fritters with a Hot and Sour Cucumber Dipping Sauce, Dosas, Moo Shoo Vegetables, and more.


Read in December, 2011 — I own a copy

I love sushi. It was my junior year in high school on a culinary club field trip when a friend introduced me. I was completely skeptical at first, but after my first bit I never looked back. So when I heard about an Asian cookbook I jumped for the chance to review it dreaming about sushi. While I was mistaken by my concept of the word “raw”, I was not disappointed. Ani’s Raw Food Asia: Easy East-West Fusion Recipes the Raw Food Way is a cultural experience. It is not just a cookbook, but a geography and history lesson as well. Asia covers more territory than I usually consider and it is fascinating to find what various ingredient combinations can create.

There were a set of years while I was in college when money was no issue that I ate at a sushi restaurant several times a week as well as did all my grocery shopping at a Whole Foods store. It was during that time that I was the skinniest and healthiest I have ever been. I completely and whole heartedly agree that life before processed food was so much healthier, maybe not easier but healthier. It appears this cookbook is one more tool to get us back to where we should be.

Raw does not mean uncooked. It means pure, closest to unadulterated as you can get for a healthier you.


*Thanks to Da Capo Lifelong Books for providing a copy for review.*

Ani Phyo is an organic eco chef, author, whole food and sustainable agriculture advocate and founder of SmartMonkey Foods. Phyo’s book, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Food Recipes published by Marlowe & Company, is in its 8th printing. She is a well-known advocate of the raw foodism lifestyle promoting uncooked and unprocessed foods that are organic, sustainable, and supports green living.

Ani is also the host of the award winning most popular uncooking show on YouTube, Ani’s Raw Food Kitchen Show.

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