Crawling and Sitting *sniff sniff*

OrangeBlossom is here nearby on the floor going to and fro from this and that exploring. For a few weeks now she has been doing an army-crawl, mostly arms with a little leg help. She will get on her hands and knees and rock a bit, but doesn’t go more than one “step” on her knees. Just today I’ll look over to check as she moves something or squeals (making sure she’s not eating AppleBlossom’s preschool printables!) and once she was on her back (where I left her). Another time she was sitting. (WHAT!?) Then she was hands and knees rocking. (Yay!) Then again she’s sitting next to the basket of babbies reaching in. When did she learn how to go to sitting on her own? How did that happen? It must be a just today thing. But crawling and sitting. Going to sitting by herself specifically. Oh woe is. . .

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Precious Moments: My Easter Bible Storybook by Thomas Nelson

This case-bound padded board book from the Precious Moments brand makes it easy to share the story of Jesus with little children while teaching them about God’s love for them. Little ones will love the soft inviting illustrations of Precious Moments. Scriptures are from the International Children’s Bible,® the first translation created especially for children. Large, readable type encourages children to read along with their parents the story of Easter and the true meaning of this important holiday.

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Poem Runs: Baseball Poems by Douglas Florian

From the first pitch to the last out and all nine innings between, Douglas Florian’s collection of baseball poems brings wordplay, wit, and laughter to America’s springtime tradition. Featuring a mean-armed pitcher, a daisy-picking right fielder, and a lightning-swift base stealer, Poem Runs combines irresistible language and Florian’s signature child-friendly, bold illustration style in this celebration of the magic of baseball.

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Affiliate Links Updated

Hello all, I’ve spent a busy day trying to organize and update my affiliate links. Deleting old links and images and renewing what I should. I’ve always felt that I did not want my blog to be overwhelmed with ads like you see on some places online. Creative Madness Mama should be a place where you can relax, have a cup of tea and read about the latest and greatest. I do not push my affiliate accounts much, but I’d love for you to know about them.

If you are going to make a purchase anyway, please consider using my links. You can find all of my links here on my affiliate page. Then there are also some Book Buying Links on the bottom of every page. I hope my reviews do provide some influence!

May God Bless your day!

Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet

Fancy Nancy is ready for the spotlight!

Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, couldn’t be more excited about their upcoming dance show. After all, it’s all about mermaids—and who knows how to be a fancy, glamorous mermaid better than Fancy Nancy herself? But when another ballerina wins the coveted role of the mermaid, Nancy is stuck playing a dreary, dull tree. Can Nancy bring fancy flair to her role, even though it isn’t the one she wanted? And when disaster strikes right before the big ballet, who will step in to steal the spotlight?

From bestselling duo Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser comes a fancy, frilly ballet story with a lot of heart. Tiny fans will shout “Encore!”

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Stand by Me by Neta Jackson {Preview}

How does God expect us to get along with those people who are always causing us
pain? Are we supposed to keep helping those who repeatedly take advantage of us?
Exactly what is the key to living in peace with difficult people? These are the
questions award-winning author Neta Jackson addresses in her latest novel, Stand
by Me (Thomas Nelson), the first book of her newest series, SouledOut Sisters.

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My little mommy…

OrangeBlossom was playing in the crib with her rolly ball that makes sounds and rolls. It got quiet and I went to see if she had fallen asleep and I wanted to get the ball out so that she didn’t bump it and wake herself up. Well, AppleBlossom beat me to it. I went in the room and she had turned off the ball, left it in the crib (but the main thing is it won’t make noise) and she pulled a babbie over her back. *sigh* My little mommy being such a good big sister!!

Sweet Dreams by Rose A. Lewis, Jen Corace

In this sweet rhyming picture book, a mother prepares her daughter for bed by telling her about the different animals that live nearby and their nighttime activities. The mother’s narrative comes full circle from night to dawn, and the little girl is lulled to sleep dreaming about her animal friends.

Lyrical writing and warm illustrations from the bestselling author-illustrator team of Rose A. Lewis and Jen Corace make this a perfect bedtime book.

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Just Too Busy: Taking Your Family on a Radical Sabbatical by Joanne Kraft {Preview}

Just Too Busy is the story of the Kraft family’s head-on collision with busyness and the 12-month experiment that changed their lives. When their children could recite the dollar value meals at McDonald s faster than the times-tables, Joanne and Paul Kraft knew something was very wrong. So, instead of continuing their busyness habit and fitting more into their schedules, they took a year off from all extracurricular activities and learned how to be a family again. In this book, readers will laugh their way to learning the 10 telltale signs that they’re just too busy and find the courage to guard their families from the temptation of constant distraction.

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Tea Collection 3-day Sale Starts Today!

I was amazed to find out there are approximately 490,000 babies born per day! That’s between 323 and 358 births per minute. Which means there is a lot of time and thought going into selecting a perfect and unique baby gift. Browse Tea Collection to find adorable outfits inspired by various cultures and keepsake boxed gift sets. The Chinese Jacket and Pant Set for girls is too cute for words and a baby boy would pull the heart strings of every nurse wearing the Moon Jacket and Pant Set. Be sure to browse Tea Collection today and receive and extra 30% off with promo code BABY30 only valid until Thursday, March 29th. Happy Shopping!

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