Ruby Dawn by Raquel Byrnes

A painful past. A love returns A desperate plan.
Former street kid, Ruby now reaches out to runaways through her medical clinic in the worst part of the city, but her escalating battle with a gang leader puts that in jeopardy.

Cavalier, a risk-taker, charming… Ruby’s first love is now on the right side of the law and the center of a dangerous DEA sting involving her clinic. Tom’s disappearance ten years ago broke her heart and rattled her faith. As their romance relights, memories of what it costs to love him flood her with fear.

Ruby’s battle with the gang ignites a firestorm of danger, and a pattern of lies from within her own camp emerges. With Tom’s life in the balance and her world cast in shadows, can Ruby trust God as she once did…or has she strayed too far, for too long to ever return?

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VeggieTales®: Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men

In this Veggie-version of the classic tale, Larry the Cucumber stars as Robin Good, a fearless man who roves the town of Bethlingham with his band of merry men to help people by fundraising from the rich and giving to the poor! But when a greedy Prince starts stealing the townspeople’s hams, donations are down and Robin’s friends take off and decide to give robbing from the rich a try.

Feeling rejected, Robin thinks things can’t get any worse, until he finds out that the ham-hoarding Prince has also captured his friends. Can Robin overcome his own hurt, rescue his friends and restore the townspeople’s hope?

A story of faith, strength, and friendship, this timeless tale will warm the hearts of children everywhere!

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Please welcome, Teen Christian Historical Fiction Author Rachel Coker

*This is a guest post written by Rachel Coker* Hello, my name is Rachel Coker and I wrote “Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words”.  Actually, it feels really funny to write that. I remember when I was a little kid, daydreaming about the day that I could see a book sitting on my bookshelf with my last name on the cover. I never would have thought that day would come before my seventeenth birthday. I’ve always loved to write. When I was in elementary school, I had notebooks full of doodles and poems and little tidbits. But it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I recognized my gift for fiction writing. My mom and dad were very supportive of my passion and hired a writing “coach” for me to work with. For over a year, I poured myself into developing my writing skills and techniques. But after many months. . .

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