God Wants You to Be Happy by James Randall Robison {Preview}

Christians should be the happiest of all people! Randy Robison, writer and producer for Life Today television program, encourages readers to embrace everything God wants for them, including deep, overflowing gladness that does not depend on pleasant circumstances or emotional highs. Robison provides helpful answers to important questions like these:

What is true happiness? How does it compare to blessing, joy, and our delight in the Lord?
Is true happiness attainable in this life?

Why does God want us to be happy? How does happiness relate to our relationship with God, our character, and our mission?

What keeps us from being happy? What promotes happiness?

How can we be happy even when we are broken, afraid, or navigating stressful situations?

Full of biblical wisdom and insight, this engaging new look at happiness challenges readers’ unexamined assumptions and opens new possibilities for them to rejoice in the Lord like never before.

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I’m Not Tired Yet! by Marianne Richmond

For every parent whose child won’t settle into bed without a dozen excuses, here is an adorable bedtime story that makes us laugh with recognition from beloved, award-winning author Marianne Richmond. With her signature heartfelt illustrations and whimsical text, I’m Not Tired Yet! helps every parent ease their child off to dreamland. I’m Not Tired Yet! inspires a playful, endearing bedtime routine that leaves kids and grownups looking forward to nighttime, no matter how strong the allure of playtime.

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Ready to read Rebel? Read Healer for FREE!

In preparation for the release of the last novel in the Brides of Alba series Rebel, right now (March 12th) Healer is available for free (for a very limited time!). Start the first one for free on any of your eReaders and you’re bound to have to grab up Thief and Rebel as soon as you finish! Get for your Kindle it on Amazon.com As always, double check the price before you buy! In the time of King Arthur, a young female healer rescues a wounded stranger and grows to love him …but will their love bring pain or peace to their strife-torn Alba? Brenna of Gowrys has grown up in hiding – hunted by the O’Byrne clan, who fear her mother’s dying prophecy, and by her own kinsmen, who expect her to lead them against their oppressors. But Brenna is a gifted healer, not a witch or a warrior. . .

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