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Have you heard? Bob Books is growing up! That is growing up into a new Early Readers series. Now you can continue what you started with the Bob Books sets and keep that love of fun characters going in FULL COLOR.

Discover  NEW Bob Books Early Readers – now in a bright new format! These 32 page, full color stories are just right for your reader who knows the basics, and is looking for fun, easy-to-read stories.

Meet siblings Jack and Anna, the two newest characters in the Bob Books family. Jack and Anna have many gentle and humorous adventures together, from getting a new puppy, to learning to ride a bike, to making surprising cupcakes. Your youngster will love reading about Jack and Anna’s family adventures.

Bob Books Early Readers make learning to read easy for your child, with words that are simple to sound out, short sentences, and no unusual spellings.  With this sensible blend of phonics and sight words, your young readers will soon be proud to say, “I read the whole book!”®

Bob Books Early Readers can be read by children who have mastered Bob Books Set 2. See each book for specific leveling information.

The New Puppy by Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrated by Sue Hendra
Genre: Children’s Early Readers – Level 1
Pages: 32 Paperback
Date Published: February 2012
Publisher: Scholastic

Jack and Anna want a new puppy, but Mom and Dad are not so sure.  A puppy is a lot of work.  Jack and Anna promise they will help out. What kind of adventures will they have with a new puppy in the house? Also included – sixteen flash cards (two pages) at the end of the book.

Scholastic: Level 1     Grade Level: 1     GRL: G         Lexile: 330L     Word count: 158

Our first Early Reader experience with the Bob Books was met with much excitement in my family. We have been working with the My First Bob Books Series (Alphabet and Pre-Reading) for several weeks not (review to come…) and so AppleBlossom recognized the Bob Books logo and was very excited to continue to “read for fun” (and educational value!). The first book in the series is The New Puppy, where Jack and Anna really want a new puppy and Mom and Dad explain the responsibilities and these two get to join an adventure on the possibilities.

Not only do I trust this book because I love the Bob Books company, but the story is great and right on par with an early reader. While at this point we’re not quite there yet, she loves for me to read these to her already and then she stares at the pages and is re-telling me what happened. I think she might even recognize the word “dogs” from the repetition. The colors are great, and the pictures are fun. I’m just ridiculously giddy to know that even when we finish everything with the sets, that there are more books for my girls to explore.

This specific book works well geared toward boy or girl because of the sibling set and I think that many families are going to find that these Early Readers will become staples in their schooling much like the Sets before them.

Cupcake Surprise by Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrated by Sue Hendra
Genre: Children’s Early Readers – Level 1
Pages: Paperback
Date Published: February 2012
Publisher: Scholastic

Jack and Anna want to make a birthday surprise for Dad. They know he will love eating cupcakes. Jack and Anna end up being surprised as they mix up the batter. Will the cupcakes end up being a good surprise? Also included – sixteen flash cards (two pages) at the end of the book.

Try our recipe to make your own cupcake surprise!

Scholastic: Level 1    Grade Level: Pre-K-1    GRL: H    Lexile: 60L   Word count: 170

My goodness what fun this one is! Right about the time where the reading level of this book is right your kiddos want to follow around and truly help in the kitchen. This is a great one to entice them to do something for someone else as well as learn (maybe a homeschool science lesson?). This one is just as fun as the first, and I definitely find it to be a sequel as The New Puppy makes an appearance! (But of course they can be read alone!) Fun from the cover to the end page everyone in your family will love this one.

At the end of each of the Bob Books Early Readers you will find a page or a few of Flashcards to use. I think these are great. My plan is to take them out and laminate them for multiple use and durability. Then they can be used for word memorization and story plotting as to what happens next. There are many possibilities.

The Cupcake Surprise! is a great one for family and I just love watching the mom in the background watching her kids as they experience life and learn value skills and lessons. This one is special to me in that it will teach how to take something as a mistake and make it work and go from there rather than fall into pieces of ruin. If these two Bob Books Early Readers are anything to show for what is to expect, well then this is one purely delighted mama.

 *Thanks to Bob Books, Hopscotch Consulting and Scholastic for providing copies for review and giveaway.*

Lynn Maslen Kertell is the current manager of Bob Books and the author of Bobs Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First-Grade. You can visit her and learn more about Bob Books at

Sue Hendra has illustrated several children’s books including Bob Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First Grade.

Coming in Fall 2012

I can ride cover

I Can Ride!
Early Reader
Jack is ready to ride a two-wheel bike, but it is harder than he expected. Teaching Jack how to ride is harder than Dad expected! Learn a new technique from Jack and his Dad, to help your child take off his (or her) training wheels and say, “I Can Ride!”

Cover of Buddy to the Rescue

Buddy to the Rescue
Early Reader
The carnival is in town! Buddy goes with the family to the fair. Jack and Anna ride the bumper cars and play the games, but all Buddy is interested in is the hot dog stand. Does Buddy want a hot dog, or has Buddy discovered danger?


Now, how about you? Do you need to be delighted to? Well thanks to Bob Books, I have a special opportunity to giveaway Bob Books Early Readers for one lucky Creative Madness Mama reader. To enter, head on over to the Bob Books Early Reader page, and come back and leave a comment telling me which 2012 Release you are looking most forward to. Then tell me what topic you’d love to see in a book in future years to come. After that, all other entries are optional but will give you more and more chances to win.

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  • I think My School Trip would get Grasshopper the most excited. He loves animals! I’d most like to see a story about a train ride. His mind is obsessed with trains at the moment. 🙂
    Bluerose´s last blog post ..Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

    Bluerose recently posted: Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble
    • How old is he now? Is he right along with AppleBlossom? I think there is something about toddlers and trains, it’s something required about life. LOL

      • He turned 3 at the end of September, but he’s still WAY behind. Progress is very slow with his comprehension. I agree about the trains! 🙂 He runs around saying “Choo, choo” and “All aboard” constantly!
        Bluerose´s last blog post ..Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble

        Bluerose recently posted: Blue Moon Promise by Colleen Coble
        • Thanks to an Angelina Ballerina DVD (come back tomorrow) and a new book Tallulah’s Tutu (Review in May here, but already on Goodreads now) she is all about ballet and twirling and such. FYI in both of those there are boy ballet dancers and aside from the pink and purple colors little boys could definitely enjoy them too. When she was turning two and I was looking for “the right toy” the only thing it seemed appropriate was Thomas or even Chuggington. But I just couldn’t do it. There is so much and if you start where do you stop?! Plus right now there is really no place for a rails setup… but now we’ve got some DVDs and it’s over… lol She doesn’t know about the toys available out there. Shhh!!!

  • Im looking forward to the Cupcake suprise book! =) I would like to see a book about Kids with Disabilites or..Everyone is Special.
    Melissa B´s last blog post ..The Cozy Mystery List Blog

    Melissa B recently posted: The Cozy Mystery List Blog
  • Kathryn

    I definitely think “Cupcake Surprise!” would be a hit at my house. Can’t wait for the release of “Buddy to the Rescue.” I think a book about a visit to grandma’s farm would be a great future read!

  • ReggieMann

    The 2012 Release I’m looking most forward to is My School Trip
    I’d love to see seasonal topics in a book in future years to come like Easter and Christmas.

  • Ashley Goldsmith

    The new puppy will be a hit with my daughter. She loves princesses and will love reading about them in the future.

  • Buddy to the Rescue. Would love to see some books with cats in it, too.
    Ramona´s last blog post ..Saying Goodbye to a New Old Friend

    Ramona recently posted: Saying Goodbye to a New Old Friend
  • Babs Harrell

    I think The Cupcake Surprise looks neat! I would love to see something on a holiday like St Patty’s Day 🙂

  • Liz

    Buddy to the Rescue looks like a book my Kindergartners would love. This class is fascinated with rescue trucks and stories. I love Bob books and cannot wait to get some of these new ones!
    Liz´s last blog post ..Gym Lesson Plan

    Liz recently posted: Gym Lesson Plan
  • alison

    i can ride is what i’m looking forward too. looking for books on princesses since my daughter is really into them.

  • Cupcake Surprise! My students love their cupcake parties!
    Amy B´s last blog post ..Casual Friday!

    Amy B recently posted: Casual Friday!
  • Liz

    I think my daughter would love Outdoor Adventures! She loves going outside to play so it would be perfect for her. I would like to see one about the zoo

    lizgiver at gmail dot com

  • Carrie

    My son would enjoy the new puppy book. My daughter would love to read one about princesses or ballet.

  • We love BOB books! My son just finished the first two levels. I think I most look forward to the Outdoor Adventure book coming out soon. I’d enjoy seeing a book about a pet store, I think my kids would love that.

  • Buddy looks a lot like a doggie I know. I think Buddy to the rescue (trucks, food, adventure, a fair) would be the biggest hit around here. I think they need one about a new baby but for excitement’s sake, make it twins.

  • victory

    we love the bob books and these new ones look great!

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