Crawling and Sitting *sniff sniff*

OrangeBlossom is here nearby on the floor going to and fro from this and that exploring. For a few weeks now she has been doing an army-crawl, mostly arms with a little leg help. She will get on her hands and knees and rock a bit, but doesn’t go more than one “step” on her knees. Just today I’ll look over to check as she moves something or squeals (making sure she’s not eating AppleBlossom’s preschool printables!) and once she was on her back (where I left her). Another time she was sitting. (WHAT!?) Then she was hands and knees rocking. (Yay!) Then again she’s sitting next to the basket of babbies reaching in.

When did she learn how to go to sitting on her own? How did that happen? It must be a just today thing. But crawling and sitting. Going to sitting by herself specifically. Oh woe is me, where is my baby?!

AppleBlossom was walking by the end of 8 months, and OrangeBlossom is current 7 months and 3 weeks or something like that. So I guess it’s possible she’ll be the same. Why couldn’t I have one of those babies that stayed a baby? Oh well. AppleBlossom had to keep up with me and I suppose that OrangeBlossom wants to keep up with her and not be left behind. Silly girls.

Oh! [ETA] All of the sudden OrangeBlossom has taken to pacifiers, it started one day as she tried to grab AppleBlossom’s right out of her mouth. (Long opinion on pacifiers, I might share it someday… if I remember.) So anyway, I assume teething. Low and behold guess who’s got a sharp point today! This morning I noticed for the first time, she has the bottom R front tooth just breaking through the skin. Alas. My baby’s growing up!

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