My First Bob Books – Alphabet

My First Bob Books – Alphabet by Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrations by Sue Hendra and John R. Maslen
Children Learn to Relate Sounds with Letters
Genre: Beginning Readers
Pages: 144 Hardcover Box, 12 Books 12 Pages each Saddle Stitch Paperback
Date Published: August 2008
Publisher: Scholastic

In 12 playful books, familiar animal friends progressively introduce the 26 letters of the alphabet. Engaging, read-aloud stories inspire and motivate your child, while proven teaching principles inspire success. Your child will prepare for the magic of reading as My First Bob Books • Alphabet guides them through these stages:

  • Realizing that written language represents spoken language
  • Learning the names of the letters
  • Realizing that letters represent sounds
  • Learning which letters represent which sounds

Hidden pictures challenge kids to find objects with featured sounds and the Parent Guide offers additional teaching tips and activities to support kids’ growth and build confidence.

I’m in love. Wait is it silly to say that about beginning readers and curriculum for teaching your child to read? Oh forget it, ridiculous or not I love these little books! Ever since I first discovered The Well-Trained Mind I have been planning on Bob Books being part of our curriculum. So I’ve been waiting for years to get involved. Then what do they do!? They come out with the My First Bob Books Series and I could not be more excited! There are even now some Sight Words sets for Kindergarten and First Grade, maybe one day I’ll get my hands on those too. If you remember in mid-March, I shared with you my excitement about the Bob Books Early Readers, a brand new series from the creators of My First Bob Books and Scholastic. They are fabulous, and you can go back and read that review HERE.

In the last two and a half months I have been slowly exposing AppleBlossom to the idea of learning to read, more than just reading aloud to her. These books have been great for that. Specifically using the Alphabet set she knows almost every letter of the Alphabet upper and lowercase. Other methods for reinforcement that we’ve enjoyed have been LeapFrog DVDs, Preschool Printables and fridge magnets, but I’d honestly vouch that in my opinion one of the best resources we’ve been working with are these little books.

Unlike the other Bob Books Sets which you may know and love, these My First Bob Books are meant to be read aloud to and with your child. She loves every minute of it. When we first got them, she was so excited about the size that it seemed several times a day I was trying to reorganize and get them back into their box. Thank goodness for the storage capabilities of the box! At different times we have read them in order, out of order and then just which ever one she wants. We got back for some more often than others, but these are all great. She is learning her letters and vocabulary. We’re even working on some rhymes and pictures to go along with the words.

Each book, until the end of the alphabet contains about two letters. Through out the pages there are text featuring those letters and sounds as well as images that have those letters starting their words as well. At the end of each book there is a page with a list of words to look for in both text and pictures. This makes the books very valuable, you can go through different times looking for different purposes and really enjoy them all over again.

While I absolutely love the full color of the Early Readers, with these Beginning Readers I think the one color tone on white is an excellent choice. It makes it interesting and attractive to look at, but not to distraction to take away from the text and words. I think the Bob Books company has a really winner in this My First Bob Books series and I know that it has plotting to be homeschoolers like myself with a child begging to read very happy.

*Thanks to Hopscotch Consulting, Bob Books and Scholastic for providing a copy for review.*

Lynn Maslen Kertell is the current manager of Bob Books and the author of Bobs Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First-Grade. You can visit her and learn more about Bob Books at

Sue Hendra has illustrated several children’s books including Bob Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First Grade.

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