What is your current cloth diaper situation?

Okay. So this is kinda the post I’ve been meaning to write forever, but it is also just me getting thoughts to the page. We have cloth diapered both girls from the beginning minus the first day or so in sposies for the meconium. AppleBlossom started in Tiny gDiapers with Gerber double thick prefolds in them. The were folded in half and then again into thirds. It was a last minute run to the store fix right after she was born. We soon moved to Bummis Small Super Whisper Wrap Covers (at that time only available in prints with hook & loop). We used the Bummis Infant Prefolds with them. It was great, but big on her, but we got by. I also had some size 1 Kissaluvs Fitted diapers as well as one Newborn Woollybums that I loved! Later we moved on to FuzziBunz Small Pocket Diapers and then FuzziBunz One-Size was our main stash. After that I was introduced to the at that time new bumGenius AIO, now known as the Elemental. These became my go-to diaper, completely trust worthy and never a leak. Possibly the most absorbent ones I owned at the time too.

Night time was the Kissaluvs Fitted diapers, but soon that became that it wasn’t enough so we moved on to the new at that time Kissaluvs Marvels Fitted diapers. I was very excited about these however they were huge on her.

Now to today. The Marvels are still huge on her. And now they’re falling apart. We tried to work with Kissaluvs (great customer service people!) but we could not figure out what is wrong with them. It is the material on the elastic seems to just be disappearing. They suggested I used a chemical on it, but I think in the end we’re both right that it is just ammonia. Because it’s in the crease of her leg and probably absorbs the most when she’s sleeping on her side. Alas. Now I am NOT happy with any night time diaper situations.

On to OrangeBlossom. When she was born newborn diapers was all the rage and I knew with my experience with AppleBlossom that I would want something before we jumped to the Bummis Infant system. Then to have OrangeBlossom a pound smaller, even more so. We started with the GroVia Newborn diapers as well as more Woollybums Newborn Fitted diapers. We also added my personal favorite the Bummis Super Brite Newborn covers with Diaper Rite Newborn Prefolds. At this time to try to get an easier diaper flow in the wash I was using mostly prefolds and covers with AppleBlossom as well. Easier to explain to family doing the wash, faster to dry using the dryer. No need to worry about what goes in the dryer and what doesn’t outside of diaper dryer, cover hang.

On to today. I currently go for my bumGenius AIO Elementals first, and they are my going out diaper too. Sadly they are wearing. They are getting little holes on the edges near wear the insert is shown in. I sent them a picture to customer service and was informed that it is natural wear and tear. That is disappointing for the price and the time of use, but I guess it happens. I do have a good two dozen I think that I rotate through. My next grab, especially if we’re home, but I will use on the go is Flip Covers + Diaper Rite Prefolds. Both girls are using a purple edge prefold, their “small”. They’re on the same snap setting too, except sometimes I put in one shorter rise on OrangeBlossom. I also have two WeeHuggers covers that I love, but would not buy more, because of the price. With the fabric on the inside they really are one use covers too, especially if the diaper is really saturated from say a nap or car ride.

After that… I have some Medium FuzziBunz that I will use on OrangeBlossom, when AppleBlossom was smaller they were good on her too, but I don’t know, I guess something to do with infant versus toddler body type they are better on OrangeBlossom now. When AppleBlossom was her little sister’s age she pretty much only wore the FuzziBunz One Size diapers and I have entire stash of those, but I just do not like using the elastic leg sizing and have not enough time to really stuff anymore, so they’re available if anyone wants them…

We also have gDiapers. I do love these. I love the trim fit. I love the colors, but not matter what I do or try the liner always makes a sore indent on both girls. I just don’t get it. But I use the gDiapers or Flip disposable liners for long car trips, or the airplane. Then I use the cloth gDiaper inserts in our daily life. They have become a second insert for nighttime for us. The fleece on their skin is great, and they are absorbent enough to be helpful.

Outside of that… I have one bumGenius Freetime that I love in Albert. I just wish there were more stores that would actually have the prints in stock that I want, and then I’d get more. Same with the Flip covers… I want Albert and Lovelace there. Then there are the trainers…

AppleBlossom has been using her little potty on and off since she was 18 months (walking since the end of 8 months). She was using it pretty much the entire day at home except for night time before OrangeBlossom was born, but then she decided to like the attention of a diaper change I guess. We’re in no hurry yet, after all she’s only two.

My number one favorite, Flip Trainer with inserts. Need more, just cannot find any store that I have points at that sell the Lovelace or Albert! Next, Blueberry Trainers. Then, Imse Vimse. Then EcoPosh from Rumparooz. These were my original delight, but they have not washed well and are not nearly as soft as the others so it is more AppleBlossom’s preference that she goes for different ones. They also tend to leak more on the off chance she forgets. We also have 2T Gerber padded panties, but they have to be worn with a puffy Bummis Whisper Pant and you cannot find 2T in stores often. Lastly were my first purchase the Hanna Andersson XS training panties, but still they’re too big. Alas, maybe one day…

Am I happy with it? Would I do it again? Yes. I love cloth diapers. What I don’t like is the price. I wouldn’t pay $15-24 for a pair of my own underwear or mama cloth! I shop sales, which are not often and go for points and then gift card credit. I strongly recommend shopping mama stores, not big retail sites that sell everything under the sun. These mamas have the customer service which makes them very worth it. Plus they have the better sales, when the manufacturers allow.

What do I want? I want more Diaper Rite Small Prefolds since both girls are using them. I want more Freetime diapers. I want more Flip Trainers.

For sale, if you know anyone interested: a large lot of One Size FuzziBunz diapers

Also available various patterns of Newborn GroVia diapers and WoollyBums Newborn Fitted diapers

At this time, I want to get rid of the Marvels, but I don’t want to just toss them. They are definitely pathetic and not worth money in my opinion, but I wonder if anyone in a charity or just really wanting something would want them? They work, they’re just not attractive on the inside at the legs and make me sad.

On Prefolds.We used Diaper Rite Newborn Prefolds, followed by Bummis Infant, then Diaper Rite Small. Right now both girls are in the small purple edge, but some nights I’ll put a medium green one on AppleBlossom, or during the day if everything else is being washed.

On Covers. We are currently in Medium Bummis Whisper Wraps Snap or Hook & Loop. One size Snap Flip, WeeHuggers, Marvels etc.

Other thoughts… Homestead Baby Diaper Spray. Bum Bum Balm. Disana Wool. Necessary!

We also have various other covers here and there that are okay, but not quite right for these body types. In the end. It all varies!

Baby crying… so I gotta go, but I’ll provide you with other links later…



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