My First Bob Books – Pre-Reading Skills

My First Bob Books – Pre-Reading Skills by Lynn Maslen Kertell
Illustrated by Sue Hendra and John R. Maslen
Basic Literary Concepts in Engaging Read Aloud Stories
Genre: Beginning Readers
Pages: 144 Hardcover Box, 12 Books 12 Pages each Saddle Stitch Paperback
Date Published: August 2008
Publisher: Scholastic

Sally the Circle and her friends introduce important skills that help prepare your child for reading. Your youngsters will never know that they’re learning as they follow the adventures of Sally, Seth and Tanner – but you will. Pre-reading skills introduced in this 12 book set include:

  • Identifying basic shapes in preparation for letter recognition
  • Sorting, classifying and symbol identification to build important problem-solving skills
  • Recognizing simple patterns to create awareness of letter groups and sight words
  • Sequencing to strengthen the ability to predict how stories flow

The Parent Guide offers additional activities, games and tips designed to support new concepts and build a foundation for reading.

What is pre-reading you ask? One of the first things that a person needs to learn in preparing to read is the fact that the objects or text on a page are saying something to you. A basic beginning skill is shapes. These My First Bob Books Pre-Reading Skills books use shapes in a fun and personable way to help prepare kiddos for letter recognition. Learning about Sally the Circle and Tanner the Triangle and even Seth the Square teaches sounds without the child realizing they are learning. There are patterns to see and sorting to happen. I love it when AppleBlossom is “reading” these with me and she’s all frustrated that the triangles are next to the circles when almost everything else is separate. 🙂

By now you probably know that I love the My First Bob Books – Alphabet and the new Bob Books Early Readers. It’s no surprise that I quite adore the Pre-Reading Skills as well. At first I was a little confused, because I was not quite certain what shapes had to do with reading. But then I realized it’s not all about a spelling and vocabulary lesson (although that is there two with the text about these circle, square and triangle characters as well as the pictures of the things they interact with). There is so much more to learning about what goes on a page and the things around us. The skills taught in these little books is provided in a fun manner, so that while your child just thinks you’re snuggling down to read in a cuddly small book they are actually getting spacial recognition, sight words, sequencing and more. These also provide for dialogue and discussion as you can interact with your child about what is going on with the characters.

So many ways to learn in such a small package!

*Thanks to Hopscotch Consulting, Bob Books and Scholastic for providing a copy for review.*

Lynn Maslen Kertell is the current manager of Bob Books and the author of Bobs Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First-Grade. You can visit her and learn more about Bob Books at

Sue Hendra has illustrated several children’s books including Bob Books: Sight Words Kindergarten and First Grade.


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