Awesome Adventures: Rescue Friends

Awesome Adventures: Rescue Friends Vol. One DVD
Genre: Children/Family/Animated Television Show DVD
Recommended Ages: 2-5
Duration: Approx. 62 minutes
Release: March 13th, 2012
Publisher: Hit Entertainment Limited

Calling all heroes!  Spencer shows his mettle when he steams through thick fog to rescue Percy while Toby’s new whistle rings friends and animals to safety! Bob the Builder’s Machine Team helps Scratch out of a sticky situation, as Dizzy surprises her friends – and herself – when she turns a big mistake into a great success.  Fireman Sam proves that a hero’s work is never done and James learns that some rescues are best left to the professionals. Everyone is racing to the rescue in this exciting collection from your favorite preschool friends!

This is a great DVD for our collection and while geared toward boys my daughter enjoys the episodes just as well. The two episodes from Thomas & Friends help to teach about pride and when to ask for help as well as when to give it. Two episodes from Fireman Sam are great for learning about the life of a fireman as well as safety! Then finishing up with two episodes of Bob the Builder teaches about big responsibilities and how eve big diggers (or older folks) sometimes get lonely just like little ones. Then also to be slow and cautious, because fast is not always best and efficient. Every episode comes back to friendship and teamwork in a wonderful way. Through out many lessons of value for your little one to learn while being entertained and giving this preschoolers mama just a minute.

At this time you can also find it on digital download and on demand, so whatever your preference go get it!

Look for Volume Two in June!

*Thanks to the publicist for providing a copy for review.*

An all-new line just for boys is coming to the rescue!  Awesome Adventures features six episodes from your favorite preschool characters Thomas & Friends™, Fireman Sam™, and Bob the Builder™ in Awesome Adventures: Rescue Friends available March 13 on DVD, Digital Download, and On Demand from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.  Join your friends for these thrilling episodes as they act with courage, heart and selflessness to help their friends and save the day!


  • Thomas & Friends – “Spencer the Grand”
  • Thomas & Friends – “Toby’s New Whistle”
  • Fireman Sam –“Off Duty Sam”
  • Fireman Sam – “Fireman James”
  • Bob the Builder – “Scratch Goes Solo”
  • Bob the Builder – “Whizzy Dizzy”


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