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Fresh Produce Clothing – Summer Dress

After AppleBlossom was born I went back to wearing my early maternity clothes and then later I went back to some “real pants” no elastic waist, and “real bras” not nursing bras for about two weeks before I found I was pregnant with OrangeBlossom. In this second pregnancy I was able to wear the same things and added a new outfit here and there and was pretty set. Now, it has been nine months and I’ve lost 49 lbs. Yes! Almost 50!! The clothes I had before are not right. Now I know it is an often occurrence to discover that your body is not what you know or even recognize after having a baby, but I did not know which direction to go. I needed smaller, but not quite as small as pre pre pregnancy. Also, while some maternity clothes do fit, they are designed to emphasize a baby bump which in my current non-pregnant state seems to emphasize a pooch and that is so not what I want to be going for.

It was in my discovery of LaborLooks Maternity Gowns that I discovered a great gown can really improve an attitude and situation. Now to jump start my summer I find myself in an absolutely gorgeous dress that I cannot possibly say enough about!

Fresh Produce is co-founded and still run by a mom entrepreneur, Mary Ellen Veron and is primarily made in the USA.  You’ll find the clothing sold in Fresh Produce stores ’and more than 500 specialty retailers throughout the US and Caribbean. Fresh Produce now ships to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too.

I am over the moon excited about what this dress has done for my outward image of myself. While I had been seeing my self as a frumpy post partum body… all of the sudden I think I’m pretty darn attractive! And when we’re talking about my thoughts, that’s definitely saying something! LOL

This dress is relaxed and makes me carefree, which is what Fresh Produce is going for! In this time between spring and summer there are so many options for spring dresses for women as well as great options summer cover-up for beach outfits and then the absolutely wonderful anytime maxi beach dresses. What I personally love best is that there are many modest options, which is hard to come by today. I feel breezy and free, but also covered and comfortable and that is fabulous. 🙂

I was absolutely blessed to be able to receive the Wrap Me Up Dress thanks to Fresh Produce and ohhh, let me sigh in satisfaction for a moment… This. dress. is. awesome! I would sleep in it. I may have actually taken a nap in it. It’s soooooo soft and quality material. (I’m talking SleepyWrap/Boba Wrap soft!) It drapes just perfectly. Here’s to all you new mamas like me, I can breastfeed in it and it’s not even labeled a nursing gown! (As I said before, most of those co maternity/nursing outfits are meant to emphasize that belly and at this point that’s not favorable!)

The Wrap Me Up Dress takes you effortlessly through each season with its modern ease. Flattering half wrap silhouette, unbeatable in comfort, and travel-friendly. 92% rayon, 8% lycra, 3/4 sleeves, half wrap at empire waist, below-the-knee length, made in USA

This dress makes my wardrobe. It’s taken me from an ugh-what-am-I-going-to-wear to ooh I can wear that again! This is comfortable enough for me to wear on a day where it’s just me and the girls. But it also dresses up nicely enough that it’s great for any occasion. Looking all through out their selections, I must warn you, be prepared to set aside some time and a little money. I’m a thrift store girl (especially when it comes to kiddos!) so some of their items are a little pricey for my usual range. However, these are still quite affordable compared to many stores out there.

Fresh Produce is an amazing company and their clothes line is definitely one that I’m going to be making a wishlist to come back to again and again. I can find plenty of outfits that will work now, and would have worked in a pregnant state and even nursing. So flexible and it fits me and my family life and I LOVE that!

FYI they also sell plus size and kiddo clothes down to infants. They’ve won me over… and a last note their customer service is awesome too. They really worked with me and made everything as it should be with the slightest query.

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  • Your photos are lovely! The dress is flattering, and so pretty. =)
    Sounds like a great company! thanks so much for the review!

    • Melissa, Thank you so much for always being here for me. Your comments always make me smile and make my day to know you’re reading! I really mean every word about this dress. They sell them in the Caribbean too and I almost feel like I’m walking on the water shore when I wear it, it’s just that comfortable. Yes! I love this dress and it is quite flattering. It made my season! 😉
      Margaret @ Creative Madness Mama´s last blog post ..Fresh Produce Clothing – Summer Dress

      Margaret @ Creative Madness Mama recently posted: Fresh Produce Clothing – Summer Dress
  • This is a gorgeous dress for an already beautiful person! I have been looking for some new dresses to wear to work/church and will have to check this company out.
    Congrats on your weight loss!
    Julie J´s last blog post ..CFBA: Chameleon by Jillian Kent

    Julie J recently posted: CFBA: Chameleon by Jillian Kent
    • Thanks Julie! Please do check them out. I hope you love them as much as I do! 🙂

  • vickie cartner

    Hi, I’m looking for that exact dress. I’m looking for a med or large or xl. periwinkle color. my cousin is getting married and loves this dress. perfect for her. Can you help me. Thank you