Exposed by Shannon Deitz {Preview}

We all yearn to be loved. It is our self-imposed litmus test for worthiness-our way of confirming we are special and knowing that we matter. Acclaimed author and speaker Shannon Deitz understands that yearning well. Raped at seventeen and then again as a freshman in college, she felt completely bypassed by love. Rebelling against the violent attacks on her body and struggling to quiet the pain through self-abuse, her feelings of worthlessness eventually became so palpable she could not fathom how anyone-most especially God-could love her. This only caused her to push deeper into her own torment.

Then, at the age of 27, unable to fight the battle raging inside her any longer, she gave it all up. Face down on her bedroom floor with her life in shambles all around her, Deitz surrendered every aspect of her being to God. She gave up the self-judgment, the condemnation, the need to be better. She let it all go. And, in that moment, every fear faded away and for the first time since childhood she experienced true peace.

Now, a dozen years later, having shared her remarkable story of transformation in her critically-acclaimed and award-winning book, Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him (Pleasant Word Publishing, 2010), Deitz is taking her message to audiences across the country and abroad. Passionately sharing her own story, she unabashedly offers new hope to the hopeless and rekindles flames in coals of faith grown cold.

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MOMumental by Jennifer Grant {+ Giveaway!}

Celebrating the joyous art of being a mother, MOMumental offers an inspiring, honest, and infectiously humorous look at the perils and pleasures of raising a family in the real world. Once a devout believer in the myth of the perfect mother, author Jennifer Grant now has a more realistic yet still upbeat view of parenting and families. Instead of focusing on creating a conflict-free home, raising picture-perfect kids, and being an ideal mother, Grant offers a wiser and more down-to-earth way to love your children that makes room for mistakes and imperfections. She says, “I share stories about family life and how I’ve come to appreciate the mess of it. I am grateful for my own happy, idiosyncratic, and imperfect family.”

MOMumental is one mother’s account of the unpredictable, creative, sometimes hilarious, and always rewarding process of raising a family. It’s filled with funny and poignant stories from her everyday life a life that mothers everywhere can identify with.

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Storia – The eReading App for Kids

Storia is the free downloadable children’s eReading app and eBook system that grows with your children from toddlers to teens and helps them learn and love to read in a fun, educational and engaging way. Storia can be downloaded free at Storia comes from Scholastic – the people who know how children read and learn. The editors at Scholastic carefully curate a wide selection of eBooks so that every child can find just the right book for his or her reading level and interest. Storia is safe and easy to use and is available for PC and iPad; availability on Android tablets, iPhones, and Android phones later this year. Storia offers carefully selected, quality books that kids love to read in an eReading experience tailored to children’s age and reading level. Storia helps kids learn and interact with books containing key features designed to support their reading and fuel. . .

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Coming Soon from the Pen, Please Welcome Historical Author Tricia Goyer!

What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? Do you write any other genres? I had never intended to write historical fiction. When I first started writing I wrote contemporary romance. I thought historical fiction would be too much work–now the research is one of my favorite parts! I do write contemporary fiction, too–mostly Amish and novels with family themes. I also write articles and non-fiction. Pretty much if I come up with an idea I want to write about it! Are there any other Christian Historical Fiction authors that you think your readers would enjoy? Oh yes. I love books by Francine Rivers, Tamera Alexander, Robin Lee Hatcher, Sarah Sundin, Cara Putman, and Susan May Warren. I’ve also had many people compare my books to those written by Brock and Bodie Thoene. This is an honor for me since I feel in love with their historical novels first!. . .

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Ballet Stars by Joan Holub (Step into Reading)

Leaping and bounding toward independent reading.

From ballet class to rehearsal for the big show to the final curtesies—budding ballet stars show emergent readers each step and pirouette along the way! This Step 1 story has big type and easy words, rhyme and rhythm, and picture clues and two sheets of irresistably adorable stickers. It’s a natural for young readers who are learning ballet or aspire to take ballet classes.

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The Mississippi Holds a Maiden’s Past, Present, and Future

First Book of the Enthralling Song of the River Series Cruise down the Mississippi where a maiden, determined to gain financial independence, embarks upon a riverboat business.  Join Natchez belle Lily Anderson for a riverboat venture this June in Lily; book one in the new Song of the River series. In 1859 Natchez, Mississippi, Lily Anderson is determined to thwart a marriage of convenience. She embarks on a riverboat venture to keep her and her two sisters afloat financially. But gambler Blake Matthews has won part ownership of Lily’s riverboat. How will their business profit if he and the feisty Mississippi miss disagree about almost everything? The affluent Jean Luc Champney will do anything to get back what he lost in a card game, including wooing and endangering the pretty new owner. Will the siren song of the river evolve into a serenade or a somber lament? Publication Information Lily. . .

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A Song for My Sister by Lesley Simpson, Tatjana Mai-Wyss

WAAAAA! When Mira’s wish for a sister at long last comes true, she’s thrilled—but the new baby isn’t exactly what she expected. Who knew someone so little could make so much noise! No matter what Mira or her parents do to soothe or amuse her, the baby’s reaction is . . . WAAAAA!

On the day of her simchat bat, her Jewish naming ceremony, the baby cries–as usual! That is, until Mira steps close to offer her own special gift and the inspiration for her parents’ choice of the perfect name.

Lesley Simpson’s tale of a family adjusting to a welcome change is sweet and sassy and very funny. It’s a universal story about families and siblings, as well as a glimpse into a lovely Jewish ritual for welcoming baby girls to the family and the community.

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Trailer Tuesday: Short-Straw Bride by Karen Witemeyer

[iframe 853 480] No one steps on Archer land. Not if they value their life. But when Meredith Hayes overhears a lethal plot to burn the Archer brothers off their ranch, a twelve-year-old debt compels her to take the risk. Fourteen years of constant vigilance hardens a man. Yet when Travis Archer confronts a female trespasser with the same vivid blue eyes as the courageous young girl he once aided, he can’t bring himself to send her away. And when an act of sacrifice leaves her injured and her reputation in shreds, gratitude and guilt send him riding to her rescue once again. Four brothers. Four straws. One bride. Despite the fact that Travis is no longer the gallant youth Meredith once dreamed about, she determines to stand by his side against the enemy that threatens them both. But will love ever be hers? Or will Travis always see. . .

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Coming Soon from the Pen, please welcome historical author Marcia Gruver!

Marcia Gruver’s southern roots lend touches of humor and threads of faith to her writing. Look for both in her Texas Fortunes and Backwoods Brides series. When she’s not perched behind a keyboard, you’ll find her clutching a game system controller or riding shotgun on long drives in the Texas Hill Country. What made you interested in writing Christian Historical Fiction? I love to write, but it’s an all-consuming passion. I decided that if I was going to spend so much time and energy on a hobby, it should glorify God and lift up the cross. Before long, I began to see writing inspirational fiction as a ministry rather than a way to pass the time.   Do you write any other genres? Nothing yet published. I have several idea files filled with contemporary, literary, and even speculative fiction stories. I love to experiment and will likely complete some of. . .

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Possession by Rene Gutteridge

In the aftermath of investigating the D.C. sniper case, police detective Vance Graegan is burned out on life and love. Hoping to save his marriage, he quits the force and moves his wife and son to the other side of the country. But when the movers decide to hold his belongings for ransom, Vance is determined to ensure that his family’s new beginning is not ruined. Soon, though, losing his possessions becomes the least of his problems as everything they are fighting for begins to unravel in the hands of Vance’s past. In an unforgettable climax, a little boy’s innocent faith brings a group of desperate people to their knees. What is at stake counts for everything, but nothing can prepare Vance for who is behind it.

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Mary Magdalene by Diana Wallis Taylor

One woman desperate for hope. One Savior with the power to heal.

A beautiful girl blossoming into womanhood, Mary has high hopes for a life filled with learning, family, and young love. In one dreadful night, all of that changes. The nightmares come first, then the waking visions of unspeakable terror, until Mary hardly remembers her dreams for the future.

Can the Most High deliver her from this torment? How long must she wait for healing?

This vivid portrait of the enigmatic Mary of Magdala comes to life in the hands of an imaginative master storyteller. Diana Wallis Taylor introduces you to a Mary who is both utterly original and respectful of the biblical account, opening your eyes to a redemption that knows no bounds.

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