Forget-Me-Nots: Poems to Learn by Heart

FORGET-ME-NOTS: POEMS TO LEARN BY HEART is another wonderful collaboration between Mary Ann Hoberman, Children’s Poet Laureate, and renowned illustrator Michael Emberley. Featuring over 120 works from both classic and contemporary poets with vivid illustrations, this new collection of poems also includes tips for memorization and recitation just in time for National Poetry Month.

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith {Review}

Abraham Lincoln was just a boy when he learned that his mother’s untimely death was actually the work of a vampire. From then on, he vowed to devote his intelligence, strength–and skill with an ax–to the elimination of the soulless creatures. It was a path of vengeance that would lead him all the way to the White House.

No one ever knew about Lincoln’s valiant struggle against the undead… until author Seth Grahame-Smith laid eyes on Abe’s secret journal–the first living person to do so in over 140 years. Putting a supernatural spin on revisionist history, Seth has reconstructed Lincoln’s true life story–while revealing the role vampires played in the birth, growth and near-death of our nation.

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Shame Interrupted by Edward T. Welch {Preview}

You can’t bury it beneath big accomplishments, dress it up with fancy clothes, or drive it away in a shiny car. Shame lurks beneath the surface of anger and fear, beyond the reach of all the superficial remedies you’ve tried.

Shame has a long biblical history that starts with Adam and Eve’s story of nakedness, rejection, and contamination. It was violently displayed again in Christ’s crucifixion, and it has probably showed up in your life today.

But Christians do not have to tolerate lives dominated by shame and worthlessness, according to Edward T. Welch. We can learn to think differently and to live differently in the world that Christ purchased for us-a world where shame no longer controls our identity and relationships.

Welch guides readers on a journey through Scripture to discover the one enduring remedy for shame: the blood of Christ. By bringing shame into the light, where it can be addressed by the Bible, Welch helps readers to understand and receive the acceptance of God in Christ and experience the relief that comes with freedom from shame.

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