A Hero Isn’t Always Easy to Spot

Genres: Amish Fiction, Christian Fiction, Romance

A Hero Isn’t Always Easy to Spot
Third Book in the Plain City Bridesmaids Series Delivers a Heroic Love Story

A Mennonite’s faith is tested as she searches for her true hero in book three of the Plain City Bridesmaids series, Something Blue releasing August 2012.

Life is going well for Megan. She’s always wanted to marry a missionary and now she’s working with Chance, a charming and daring missionary pilot. Then Micah Zimmerman moves into her parent’s home as a pastoral candidate for their Conservative Mennonite church and he doesn’t look anything like the gawky young man who had a crush on her in college. As Megan struggles with her own personal identity and faith, she begins to see the true difference between Chance and Micah. Will her insight come too late, or is there still time to find the hero of her dreams?

About the Author

Dianne Christner and her husband make their home in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Dianne enjoys the beauty of the desert. They have two grown children. Her first book, Proper Intentions, was published in 1994, and she has added several other historical novels to her credit. Learn more about Dianne at www.diannechristner.net.

Publication Information

Something Blue by Dianne Christner / Book Three Plain City Bridesmaids Series
August 2012 / $12.99 / 320 Pages * Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61626-233-4

Q & A with the Author

1. So far books one and two of this series have been inspired from personal experiences. Did you continue to use personal experiences when writing Something Blue?

This question makes me itch. You see, I used allergies to create comedy and a bond between the heroine and hero. But the joke was on me. When I gave the hero hives, I literally broke out in hives for a week. This amazed both my husband and me. It made me realize how closely enmeshed I had become with my characters.

2. What made you decide to focus your series on the traditional wedding saying “something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue”?

Ach! Selecting titles makes me crazy. I actually lose sleep over this because it’s such an important part of projecting the story to my readers. After my first suggestion was rejected by the publisher, I pored over words that went with the Plain City Bridesmaids theme. Shrugging here: I thought these titles were romantic and easy to tie into the plots.

3. What do you hope to accomplish with the Plain City Bridesmaids series?

Mostly, I want to entertain. But I also want to give readers a realistic glimpse of the Mennonite lifestyle, while incorporating themes that are relevant to all women. I like to go deep, but bring comedic relief at climatic points in the story. My agent calls my style Dramatic Romantic Comedy.

4. Each book presented a different dilemma. What type of problems will the main character, Megan, deal with in Something Blue?

She must give up her expectations for something bigger and better, open her eyes to what is going on around her, and let God out of the box.

5. Coming from a Mennonite background people are often curious about that lifestyle. What are some popular questions readers tend to ask you?

Most readers are curious about how the Mennonites compare to the Amish. I address this complex answer on my blog plain girl romanticizing. Some readers wish to know if their Mennonite neighbors would accept them as friends. The answer is yes. They are friendly, caring people. I enjoy answering questions and can be contacted through my website.

6. The series is wrapping up and readers have been introduced to numerous characters. Who is your favorite character from the series?

My favorite is Micah, the hero from Something Blue. He’s full of surprises and just plain loveable.

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