Big Book of History from Master Books {Review}

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Big Book of History from Master Books {Review}Big Book of History by Laura Welch, Ken Ham

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ISBN: 0890516235
Genres: Juvenile Non-Fiction
Published by Master Books on September 14th 2011
Pages: 21
Format: Hardcover
Source: Publicist
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A Big look at history for young learners Ages 7 to 12 The Big Book of History is the perfect way to engage your child in an adventurous trip through time - from the first Day of Creation to present day Discover: The birthdates of conquerors, kings, inventors, scientists, and famous men of God. Wars and wonders of the ancient and modern worlds. The 969-year-old man who shared the true history of the world with Noah. The first ancient inventions and discoveries of chocolate, yo-yos, batteries, movies, and more Did you know... Thomas Edison is known for inventing a working light bulb, but do you know he also invented the first talking dolls and helped to create an early and commercially-successful form of movies? He also started the first movie studio, and probably the most unique. It was built so that the whole building could be turned in a circle during the day to get the most sunlight

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In our plan for schooling we will most likely follow a Classical Christian approach with a repeating four stages of history (Ancients ~5000 BC – AD 400, Medieval/Renaissance 400-1600, Late Renaissance/Early Modern 1600-1850, Modern 1850-Present day) and keeping a timeline will be very important to have a tangible way to look at facts. While I am certain we will make some of our own timelines as a craft, I know that I want a reliable reference that we can use both as a guide for making our own, but also to go to in a pinch if that activity does not come through. Delightfully that is what I have discovered in the Big Book of History: A 15′ Fold-Out Time-Line from Creation to Modern Computers.

My edition is a bound fold-out, but it is also available in pages that could be posted on a wall (Big Book of History-Panels Only). This thing is awesome. Containing four different color lines it is easy to keep track of Biblical/Christianity, World Events, Inventions/Technology, and Civilizations/Empires. This timeline comes from Master Books (New Leaf Publishing Group) and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis is a contributing editor which to me makes this a well researched and Bible-based resource.

It starts with a list of the days of creations labeled at 4004 BC. There are detailed days of the Floor and historical pictures of early technology. The pages are filled with photos and vibrant illustrations as well as maps. There are charts full of facts and paragraphs of trivia just begging to be memorized. Each section has a “did you know?” bubble that provides an interesting detail of history that is carried through today.

Any student could pour over this timeline for hours and still find more to learn and be intrigued by. While the first mention of an Eastern Empire was in 220 AD with the end of the Han Dynasty of China, overall for what this timeline does contain is awesome. It truly brings what we know from the times told of in the Biblical scriptures to almost-today to life. From Mayan calendars in 300 AD to the first chocolate bar in 1847 to 2011 and the end of the US Space Shuttle Program. Each and every page/panel is bright and detailed and while there is more out there, this is a great resource and starting point to building a knowledge of history and when it occurred.

I am very glad to have this in our homeschool resources.

The Bible is real history!


About Ken Ham

Dr. Ken Ham is the president of Answers in Genesis USA and is a well-known speaker and author on the subject of Young-Earth Creationism. He received a bachelor degree in applied science (emphasis on environmental biology) from the Queensland Institute of Technology, and a Diploma of Education from the University of Queensland. He has also received two honorary doctorates: a Doctor of Divinity from Temple Baptist College, and a Doctor of Literature from Baptist Liberty University.

He was a director of Creation Science Foundation (CSF) in Australia, an organization which he jointly founded with John Mackay. In 1987 he moved to the United States, still maintaining his links with CSF.

From 1987 to 1993, Ham worked for the Institute for Creation Research, and in 1994 set up what in 1995 became Answers in Genesis (AiG), a creation ministry dedicated to “upholding the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.”

In 2008 Ham was described by well known atheist and evolutionary biologist PZ Myers as a “Wackaloon” for carrying out a prayer session with members of the Pentagon. Ham responded regarding the validity of that prayer breakfastand that PZ Myers and other critics were intolerant of his position.

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