First day of preschool with Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten

2012-2013 Memoria Press Blog RollToday we finally had our first day of junior kindergarten using the Memoria Press curriculum and it was great! We’ve delayed things a bit as I was bargain shopping books and had to wait to get several of them as the delivery seem soo slow. Yet, that’s what happens when I’m indecisive and go for the free shipping options. 🙂 (I discovered that if something is less than 20% it is cheaper for me to get it through Barnes & Noble using an educator’s discount, but it if it is qualified for the 4-for-3 on Amazon then that ends up being a better deal by a few dollars.) If it’s over 20% on sale then it just depends on shipping and preference of which has the better bargain. In this case since I am talking about children’s books, most were not available on and RainbowResource, but those are my other options to often look at as well – if you’re curious.

Now… on to our school day! We started with a prayer, then recitation (ABCs and 1-10), calendar/weather, writing our name, common strokes, the number one, talking about the food pyramid, reading Green Eggs and Ham, Music (ABCs and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star), Little Blue Ben (poetry), played Teddy Mix & Match and a closing prayer. <— just a general day!

I realized a few things as we’ll have to get like a clock to talk about time… and chalk as I plan to use our HWOT double line blackboard to encourage her to write her name. A few awesome resource additions that I used were:

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Opening opinions? I’m really excited about this curriculum. The resources pulled together seem to be awesome and worth our time. We are doing this early, as AppleBlossom just turned three years old at the end of July, but she is pretty ready for what we’re doing. I’ve discovered with her the hard way that idle hands is not a good thing. It could be organized Tot School or early preschool, so this junior kindergarten/Blossom School Preschool it what we’re in for and excited!

The layout out of the lesson plans is good and clear. I went through and highlighted books, so that I’d be able to look and grab them at a glance and that has helped me a bit – as we’re not using workboxes or anything like that at this point. I think the only thing that I am not a fan of (which is no big deal, really) is that for the recitation it just says see appendix and for instance today was to “say” the alphabet and numbers 1-10, so for me I just penciled that in on our Week 1 Day 1 page.

Oh, I guess I should clarify that. These lesson plans are set up for two days a week and will go for 33 weeks. Another reason I waited to start a little bit is that some activities will align with certain seasons and holidays and I wanted to stay a bit on track with that and not have to move things around on my own. However we’ll be adding in other things on other days from Sonlight P3/4 (just books and reading) and Kumon workbooks – this is only because this little girl needs activities to keep her out of trouble! I think that for a gentle introduction to school it appears that Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten is exactly what it should be.

We skipped the interview today, as we’re both in our pajamas… but perhaps tomorrow or whenever we do Day 2. 😉

Books: Loving Rod & Staff’s preschool workbooks. This was actually a homeschool expo purchase, but we had not used them yet and I’m excited to be getting into Counting with Numbers in a schedule and suggested page. Books for Children (Little Golden Books) – We love the classic LGBks (I personally avoid the ones that are only television shows…) Eloise Wilkins and Garth Williams have become some of our favorite illustrators around here. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss is a big hit. This was one I always planned for us to have, but just had not had it yet and this was a great excuse to introduce it. Tomie dePaola’s Mother Goose is probably the only one that I’m unsure about, but when I looked at ALL of the other Mother Goose editions we already had were lacking the poems planned, go figure that different artists choose different poems. Hah. Overall looking through I’m really excited about the book choices and I’m sure we’ll have a great 33 weeks!

AppleBlossom’s Pre-K3 2012-2013 Curriculum:

Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten

Sonlight P3/4
The Story for Little Ones
Kumon First Steps Workbooks
LeapFrog DVDs and Toys

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  • I am so excited for you as you start your journey! I always wish I had never sent my kids to school and homeschooled from the beginning! I love your enthusiasm and I am sure you are going to have a wonderful journey ahead!

    • Thanks, that means a lot! I hope that I’ll be able to record things like this often, even if not everyday. We shall see as only time will tell. 🙂

  • Sounds like a great start! We love MP’s book choices as well. I wish we had started with their Jr. K last year!