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Story: Our Journey of Heartache and Grace from Eden to Evermore by Steven James

Genres: General Non Fiction

Story by Steven James
Our Journey of Heartache and Grace from Eden to Evermore
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction
Pages: 208 Trade Paperback
Date Published: August 2012
Publisher: Revell Books

Recapture the mystery of God’s story

With stunning imagery, powerful poetry, and real-life drama, Story is an inspiring journey from the creation of the world to eternity and everything in between. Consummate storyteller Steven James threads together familiar scenes from Scripture that will awaken your faith and inspire you to live in the reality of Christ’s sacrifice. As he untangles the intricacies of the whole story of the Bible, you will rediscover the majesty and the mystery you’ve been missing.

The first thing I can tell you is that Story has an absolutely incredible cover, completely beautiful and enchanting. When I first read about this book I was intrigued. I have not read fiction from Steven James, but my mother has read a few that I own of his and did not like them. However the aspect of this book was appealing to me and when it arrived I was shocked at first with how short it is – not sure how to cover the entirety of Eden to Evermore in 200 pages give or take. A little bit into it I was unsure and then after reading all the other reviews out there I seem really confused because apparently I am on a different bandwagon and did not find the content of this book appealing at all.

My background is religious studies, and perhaps I have grown too accustom to an older tone of writing with more theological jargon I do not know, but this just did not hit it for me. I felt like it was silly, a bit too silly and at points I wondered if he were referencing the same Bible that I read or not – because that was totally foreign to me. It seems lots of people love this book and it might be something you just have to read. Although for me I found the tone of this book is very calm and contemporary. I’m not sure what I was expecting but this is very different. In a way it is almost like reading a journal with the intersection bits of personal poetry and scripture. But it was not life changing or really interesting to me.

*Thanks to Revell for providing a copy for review.*

Critically acclaimed author Steven James has written more than thirty books, including Story, A Heart Exposed, and the bestselling Patrick Bowers thriller series. He is considered one of the nation’s most innovative storytellers and versatile authors, and is a contributing editor to Writer’s Digest. Steven lives in Tennessee with his wife and three daughters.


“A journey full of wonder, tears, joy, despair, and hope revealed through the eyes and heart of a storyteller.”–Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Often beautiful, often haunting, and thoroughly compelling. . . . A reminder that Christ’s promise of ‘life, anew’ is constantly with us, then, now, and always.”–BookPage


“James’s luxuriant writing is deeply perceptive of the divinity, humanity, and mystery of Christ. The book is an astonishingly personal journey of God’s love for weak, fallen humanity.”–CBA Retailers + Resources

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