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Toddler Beds

I just wanted to get on here today and write a bit of a post. The plan was come in here, type and leave. I’ve been in here a while now as email has attempted to swallow me. It’s a beast I tell you. Give it a day and you’ll never catch up. I’m so exhausted. The night before last we put toddler bed sheets on AppleBlossom’s bed. I took pictures, but haven’t hooked my camera up to the computer to download yet, so maybe you’ll see them one day. (Maybe I will too…) When I first started looking for toddler sheets (aka, bottom sheet, top sheet and pillow case to fit a crib size mattress) I was stunned by how astronomically priced they were. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon some in Target for just $13 a set that I got really excited! So now, my “little girl” can have sheets to snuggle up just like she does when she’s in mama’s bed. (She is calling her bed a little girl bed now, instead of a toddler bed).

Last night we changed OrangeBlossom’s bed from a crib to a toddler bed (gotta love those convertible beds). We have been watching her successfully climb in and out of her big sister’s toddler bed for a bit so we know she is capable of getting in hers. Then yesterday afternoon, arms over the railing and legs dangling I could only imagine what might happen if she tried just a little to jump the crib edge. So, Enginerd was put to work. Interesting the bed frame, the black thing which the mattress sits on, is actually slightly higher on OrangeBlossom’s bed than on AppleBlossom’s bed. They are technically the same bed, but different versions. Interesting, but she can still get in it – and out of it.

We are also trying to encourage AppleBlossom to give up her pacifier. She was almost finished with it, and then her sister was born. Then she was almost finished with it, and had surgery. So we’re getting there, eventually. But now the dentist has said stop it, so we’re giving her that as even more of a reason to stop. Right now she can “snuggle with it” but not put it in her mouth. And I’d say about 80% of the time she is cooperating. Unless she’s upset or scared… So of course, my super-mom instincts said give her sheets and she’ll be so thrilled she will not want the pacifier anymore, because she is a “little girl and not a baby”. Huh, did not exactly work.

Then… last night having OrangeBlossom in her toddler bed. Oh my word, that was a nightmare. What happened to my baby that I nurse, set down, kiss goodnight, and walk away to her rolling over to sleep? Ack! Every two seconds sliding down out of the bed. Try to put her in big sister’s bed equals screaming. Put her back in her bed, crying. Holding her in her bed, singing constantly finally brought her staying, as long as I was right there next to her. Then after a while (after big sister was in lala land) she started giggling and kicking her legs up in the air. Um, really? Stop squealing! So I lost my temper, I got mad at myself, I got furious with her. I threatened tents outside for everyone and then I calmly sang lullabies and Bible songs in Biblical order for as many as I could remember and told myself that I need to learn more.

I’m so sleepy! So, she finally was out for the night. I got up to nurse her once, gladly noticing big sister was pacificer-less and put her back down to slumber with no arguments. This morning however, when we get up for the early morning nursing session (same time as the Enginerd exodus…) she was not having this go back to bed business and has been running around ever sense. Be a good little girl and play in the nursery with all these suddenly accessible toys? Nope. Come stand next to Mama’s bed and cry. Mama picks her up, slam down snuggles and giggles. Climb over the side of the bed, climb up crying, climb down, up crying. (My super high off the ground bed – where’s my futon when I need it? – so I’m holding and guiding her each way.) GO AWAY! I want to sleep!

Then the partially potty trained little girl says Mama I’m hungry. Did you go potty? No. Well then no breakfast yet. But I’m hungry. Then go potty. I don’t want to. I don’t want to fix breakfast. But I’m hungry. Then go potty and put on panties. Can I wear the pink ones? Yes. OKAY!

(Thought: I’m going to type this up.) Email, breakfast and a few hours later. I’m here. We’ve already had two shoving of sisters, one little girl typing on my computer without permission, three messy toddler diapers and my drink is still untouched and probably flat (going for a Fanta Orange this morning). AppleBlossom begged to do some of her PreK HWOT workbook and got it without me and of course colored everything the wrong color on the different pages. Breathe in and out right, that’s what you’re suppose to do? And to the standing next to me with a magnifying glass saying smile? I can grimace right? At least I’m not yelling.

I’m sleepy! So, ever have one of those mornings and nights? Is it naptime yet?

About that… OrangeBlossom usually goes down in the morning for a nap, and AppleBlossom joins her in the afternoon for a second one. I’m thinking I might just have to put them down at the same time and endorse a quiet time in the morning, because I have not a clue how to keep her in her bed in the morning now.

Did I mention how tired I am?

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  • Hah! Girl, this whole post was me 3 years ago. Well, minus the Orange Fanta. It gets better, I promise.

    Regarding the pacifier, I read somewhere once about a stratey that seemed to work for a couple of people: I am assuming you have been talking to her about being a big girl and not needing the paci anymore. So one day, tell her that the Pacifier Fairy is coming to get all the pacis and will leave her a present. Maybe the Fairy needs them for other little baby girls. I don’t know. So you gather up all the pacifiers, put them in a special place, and overnight the Pacifier Fairy comes and gets them and leaves a nice present in thier place! Ta Da! Like the tooth fairy, I guess.

    Anyway. Good luck. I had one that gave his up with no trouble and one that was a nightmare to break the paci habit.

    • Oh thank you for stopping by! I have heard about the pacifier fairy and the Build-a-Bear made of pacifiers, but the problem is that her sister (age 13 mo) uses the same type so she just steals hers. LOL At least she has gotten to where if there is only one found she’ll hand it over. That’s progress, right?