An Adventure-Packed Conclusion to the Prairie Dreams Series

Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction

A Lady in the Making by Susan Page Davis / Prairie Dreams Series Book Three
October 2012 / $12.99 / 320 Pages / Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-61626-441-3

Susan Page Davis takes readers on a rollicking ride with romance in A Lady in the Making, book three in the Prairie Dreams series releasing October 2012.

Millie Evans has changed, choosing to leave rather than join an outlaw gang with her brother. Hoping for a new future, she boards a stagecoach but runs into her past and David Stone—a man she and her brother once tried to swindle. As she tries to convince David she’s changed, her brother’s gang holds up the stagecoach. Fighting beside David goes a long way to softening his heart, but he’s still not convinced. Millie must trust God to show David the truth, but will he see before it’s too late?

Susan Page Davis is the author of more than thirty published novels. She’s a Carol Award Winner and a two-time winner of the Inspirational Readers’ Choice Award. In 2011, Susan was named Favorite Author of the Year in the 18th Annual Heartsong Awards. A native of Maine, she and her husband, Jim, now live in western Kentucky. Visit her website at:

Q & A with the Author

1.       What inspired the idea of the Prairie Dreams series?

I had written a book about aristocrats visiting America, and other books about the old West. I thought it would be fun to put some upper crust Brits on a wagon train. As I talked to my editor about the idea, the series plot basics developed, and the first book, The Lady’s Maid, featured the wagon train story.

2.       What characters, old and new, will be in the third installment of the Prairie Dreams series?

Readers will see a lot more of David Stone (Lady Anne’s uncle) and learn what became of him. They will also see Millie Evans again. You may remember that she was last seen riding off on a stolen horse.

3.       How is A Lady in the Making different from the previous titles in the series?

This book follows David, a male hero, while the first two books spent more time with the heroines. You’ll also see people traveling east instead of west, and you’ll get to know more people back in England. David’s extended family awaits his return to Stoneford with varying reactions.

4.       What type of research did you do for this series?

I did a ton of research on period transportation (David manages to use just about every form available); the Oregon Trail and wagon train travel; mining and early business in Oregon; early law enforcement in Oregon and other places the characters visit; the cities, towns, and terrain along David’s travel route; Primogeniture and the British system of inheritance; forms of address for aristocracy; servant-employer relationships, and much, much more.

5.       What got you interested in writing Historical Christian romances?

I love to read historical books—in fact, I was a history major. When I started writing fiction, an editor read a couple of my contemporary manuscripts and said my writing was good, but he needed a historical. I wrote one, and he bought it. From there on, I’ve dabbled in both, but my historicals outnumber my contemporaries, and I love getting lost in another time and culture.

6.       If you could describe the Prairie Dreams series in three words what would they be?

Pioneers, aristocrats, romance!

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