Announcing the 2013 Christian Historical Fiction Reading Challenge!

Okay… I’m a total slacker. Well, not exactly true, but it’s been chaos trying to get this challenge up and running and I just kept putting it off. But, no more! This year I’m putting the challenge through Goodreads. If you do not have a Goodreads account that’s okay, you can just comment here on this post and still participate. But, Goodreads is amazing and free and a fabulous way to share books and your opinions with others!  

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Kel Gilligan’s Daredevil Stunt Show {Review}

From Michael Buckley, the bestselling author of the Sisters Grimm and NERDS series, and Dan Santat, author-illustrator of Sidekicks, comes this hilarious picture book starring Kel Gilligan (a.k.a. “The Boy Without Fear”) that encourages kids to laugh at their fears and celebrates the bravery it takes to try new things no matter how ordinary. Narrated by Kel himself as he attempts his “stunts” with Evel Knievel-like flair, the story unfolds as a performance in which readers themselves become part of the audience, encouraging Kel to get dressed all by himself (without a net!), eat new foods like broccoli (eww!), and take a bath (gasp!). Bold, interactive, and downright silly, this is a book to make kids cheer and attempt some “stunts” of their own.

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Field of Peace by Joyce Meyer

The second book in the Everyday Zoo series, written by New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer, uses the beloved cast of animal characters to help readers discover the importance of finding peace in our lives by making decisions that please God. This book introduces Boyd the giraffe who is focused on his baseball team winning the championship. When faced with a teammate who isn’t performing well, Boyd must decide if he wants to win at all costs or do the right thing.

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Spring Meadow Sanctuary by Lynnette Bonner {Preview}

He broke her heart.

Now he’s back to ask for a second chance.

Heart pounding in shock, Sharyah Jordan gapes at the outlaw staring down the barrel of his gun at her. Cascade Bennett shattered her dreams only last summer, and now he plans to kidnap her and haul her into the wilderness with a bunch of outlaws…for her own protection? She’d rather be locked in her classroom for a whole week with Brandon McBride and his arsenal of tricks, and that was saying something.

Cade Bennett’s heart nearly drops to his toes when he sees Sharyah standing by the desk. Sharyah Jordan was not supposed to be here. Blast if he didn’t hate complications, and Sharyah with her alluring brown eyes and silky blond hair was a walking, talking personification of complication.

Now was probably not the time to tell her he’d made a huge mistake last summer….

Two broken hearts. Dangerous Outlaws. One last chance at love.

Step into a day when outlaws ran free, the land was wild, and guns blazed at the drop of a hat.

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Razed by Paula Wiseman {Preview}

Doug Bolling lost his wife of twenty years just as their stormy marriage was beginning to thrive, and he bitterly blames God. He tries to reconnect with his son, but it seems Mark is only interested if the relationship comes wrapped in religion. Mark claims he’s just following God when he moves his family, including Doug’s grandsons, further away, first to pastor, then to attend seminary. With frustrated resignation, Doug turns his attention to building a new life and a new home for himself and interior designer, Cassandra Grayson. The conflict erupts as Mark is preparing to leave for the mission field in Kenya. He delivers an ultimatum, cutting off all contact between his kids and their grandfather. God may have ripped away his wife and his son, but Doug draws the line at his grandchildren. Mark’s attempt to force him to choose between the woman he loves and the grandkids he adores, drives Doug to one fateful desperate act, even if it means destroying his relationship with his son.

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Holiday Gift Guide with HarperCollins Children’s Books!

The Berenstain Bears Old Fashioned Christmas by Jan Berenstain Nothing Ever Happens at the South Pole by Jan & Stan Berenstain It’s Christmas! by Jack Prelutsky A Perfect Day by Carin Berger Santa On the Loose by Bruce Hale, illustrated by Dave Garbot Snowman Magic by Katherine Tegen, illustrated by Brandon Dorman Goodnight Moon Cloth Book by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd Little Bo in London by Julie Andrews Edwards, illustrated by Henry Cole Henry Goes Skating by Brian Biggs (I Can Read!) Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems Penny and Her Doll by Kevin Henkes The Wonderful World of Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor, illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser

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Conversations of a Watchman: Prayers to Frame your Prophetic Destiny by K. E. Allen {Preview}

How does a person move from a place deficient of light? How can an individual shift from a place of complete and utter chaos, obscurity, apathy, and adversity? The pathway to transformation is through in-depth conversations with the One True God of Creation–El·ō·hēm’. For you to move to a place of prophetic providence, your conversation must be divinely inspired. Hebrews 11:3 states: “The worlds were framed by the Word of God.” Framing begins with an idea, expands as a result of the imagination, and gives life through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit through divine utterance for a specific purpose. Declaring the Word of God releases the creative power of God for authentic transformation.

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The 13: Fall by Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed {Preview}

When former black ops specialist turned CIA operative Jonathan Keene is summoned to the White House, he’s not sure what to expect. And neither does FBI agent Megan Taylor. Together they learn they’ll be working with a former military chaplain Boz Hamilton to track down a man claiming to bear a message from God about the imminent downfall of the United States. As the three of them traverse the country and the globe in search of the Prophet, they’re led deeper down a path of deception and dead ends. Suddenly they’re called to join a battle against an enemy no one saw coming. As the US is pushed into a situation it hasn’t seen since its inception, a conflict awaits that will test the foundations of the country…and force Keene to face a past and faith he’d rather leave buried. Can Keene—and America—survive?

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It’s Christmas! by Jack Prelutsky (I Can Read!)

It’s Christmas! by Jack Prelutsky Illustrated by Marylin Hafner Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Readers – I Can Read! Level 3 Pages: 48 Paperback Date Published: September 25th, 2012 Publisher: Greenwillow Books Best-selling author Jack Prelutsky’s humorous collection of Christmas poems joins the I Can Read book line These twelve easy-to-read poems treat readers to a funny and festive look at their favorite holiday traditions! An I Can Read Book. Christmas is coming! And from choosing the perfect tree to receiving a gift of underwear from a relative to seeing Santas everywhere you look, these twelve funny, easy-to-read poems celebrate the season with a light touch. Jack Prelutsky, the nation’s first Children’s Poet Laureate, and acclaimed illustrator Marylin Hafner have a way of putting everyone in the holiday spirit. Read on October 02, 2012 — I own a copy As we have started to gather more and more I Can Read,. . .

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