Once-A-Day Bible and Devotional from Zondervan

NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Teens
Genre: Christian New International Version Bible
Ages 13 to 19
Pages: 1,312 Trade Paperback
Date Published: October 9, 2012
Publisher: Zondervan

READ it. PRAY it. LIVE it. Repeat. Have you wanted to read through the Bible but struggle to find the time or connect it to your life? This easy-to-use daily reading Bible is a convenient and inspirational way to grow your understanding, deepen your faith, and provide encouragement for an entire year. The NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Teens organizes the New International Version Bible—the world’s most popular modern-English Bible—into 365 readings. Each Scripture reading includes verses from both the Old and New Testaments plus a portion from either the Psalms or Proverbs along with a summary to help you reflect and apply the Bible each day. This Bible also corresponds to readings in the Once-A-Day Devotional for Teens, giving you a deeper look at verses that apply to your life today. Use the Bible alongside the coordinating devotional to gain a deeper understanding, or use the Bible on its own as a fresh reading experience. Either way, the unique format helps you to see how God’s Word speaks to your life today and every day.

15926887Once-A-Day Bible Devotional for Teens by Kevin Johnson
Genre: Christian Devotional
Ages: 13 to 19
Pages: 384 Trade Paperback
Date Published: October 9, 2012
Publisher: Zondervan

The Once-a-Day Devotional for Teens is a year-long devotional for everyday inspiration, with 365 daily readings. Each devotion follows a Bible reading plan and applies Scripture directly to a teen’s life, including a READ it verse, LIVE it reading, and PRAY it closing prayer that helps apply that day’s reading to the teen’s life. Perfect for daily devotional time or for use alongside the Once-a-Day Bible for Teens.

My review is featuring both the NIV Once-A-Day Bible for Teens and Once-A-Day Devotional for Teens because I am using them together and was introduced to them together. Both books are a hardy paperback just like a decently thick trade paperback novel that feel great in your hands. The Bible features a light blue tone color scheme while the Devotional features a dark one. And both feature ankles and feet… I guess with that imagery, it could make the images applicable to just about anyone. The Devotional has a slight bit more height than the Bible, but more white space and a larger font on the interior with an attractive formatting setup. The Bible has slightly thinner pages and a smaller font, but it is still not the typical onion skin thinness, which makes this really nice and easy to deal with and to manipulate the pages.

I’m not using bookmarks. I start with the Devotional and find the date, and take note of the day # (for instance today is December 2nd and it is Day 336. The first thing on the page after that is READ IT. Here you have your scripture references for the day including a reading from the Old Testament, New Testament and a Psalm. There is also a key verse actually written out in the Devotional, the other references you will have to go to your Bible to locate them. You can use any Bible, the Once-A-Day Bible for Teens is not absolutely required.

However… I go to my Once-A-Day Bible for Teens and locate the Day 336 and all of those references for the day are right there in the order mentioned for me to be able to just pick up and read. No time need be spent searching for this here and that over there.

In the Bible after the verses, the scripture references are there again for an easy glance as well as a paragraph that summarizes very simply what you just read. This is followed by a handful of lines where you might make notes, or journal a thought. Interestingly there is a faint circle with a check mark where you can check off your daily reading as well as a list in the front of scripture references all with check mark boxes available and ready to be ticked off. The scripture within is of the New International Version which is well known and trusted. It’s not my favorite, I suppose, but it is a translation that I know and can read very easily.

Now back to the Devotional… After the READ IT section that gives you the scripture references there are two more sections, LIVE IT and PRAY IT. The LIVE IT section is next and this is the actual devotional. It seems to be usually about four very short paragraphs bringing what you read into relevance of your own life either in remembrance or application. It is often encouragement and from what I have read it is practical for a teen, but anyone could really benefit from reading these words. Lastly there is the PRAY IT, which is a sentence or two prayer that you can grasp onto and really say for yourself that goes from what was discussed in the devotional and read in the scriptures.

“Lord, teach me to keep praying. I’m not trying to impress you. I just want to stick close to you. I will worship you and tell you what I need.” p.340

You could buy just the Bible and get the ease and simplicity of not having to flip around for a daily reading at your fingertips without dozens of page turns. You could buy only the Devotional and use your own Bible for looking up the scriptures. But having both these Teen versions that pair right up to each other really makes things easy. They are attractive, and not your typical Bible feel and I like that. I like having something that I do not feel like it will rip very easily. Even though these are like trade paperback, I see it lasting even with lots of use and readings. Perhaps going in and out a backpack might give it a bit more use. But in my case going on and off a shelf, I see these holding up well. They’re starting out attractive and I think they’ll stay that way.

These two books in any sense, together or alone would make a great devotional tool. This would be a great thing to try out for the next year, or a great tool to just get yourself started and make a routine to last a lifetime.

After spending time in the Once-A-Day Teen Bible and Devotional from Zondervan I’m intrigued and excited about the entire series they have made available. I would love to get my hands on the little booklets for both Christmas Advent and Easter as well as the Bible and Devotional for Women and maybe even the one that says something about Men and Women of the Bible in 365 Insights. I also think the Morning and Evening one would be really neat and a great habit. I think they have a great idea here and anything to make the Bible more accessible and more appealing for readers, especially in this case teens I think is just plain fabulous.

*Thanks to Zondervan for providing a copy for review.*

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