December Shari’s Berries perfect for any occasion!

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Next to November, December is my favorite month. Previously I would have told you it was because of Christmas and the festivity that started up after my birthday month, but now it is also to celebrate the Enginerd’s birthday. Ever since we got married I have had the hardest time picking gifts for him, whether for Christmas, birthday, anniversary or any other time because he works and I stay at home and technically any money I spend is his own so the idea of getting a present he might not love, well that’s uncomfortable. This year I totally nailed it with the help of Shari’s Berries!

ETA: Enginerd quote:

Nom nom nom. Huge. Nom nom. Chocolate. Great packaging. Arrived in perfect condition to be eaten.

strawberriesOh my goodness, give me these for any occasion and I’ll be in pure bliss. I put in the order and scheduled a date for delivery. They arrived just as planned in a special box with ice packs and packaging galore. The packing box itself was so funny and made us all laugh. I thought we had taken pictures, but it seems he thought I had and I thought he had. It said something along the lines of caution the contents of this box will disappear quickly, etc.

I ordered two full dozen gourmet dipped strawberries. My choice was the fall decorated ones and they are gorgeous. This picture really does not do them justice. And oh so yummy! My Enginerd says every single one he ate was perfect, and I saw that about 98% of them were perfect with maybe one a little too ripe here and there. We had them a few days, because we were trying to behave with the giant strawberries covered in chocolate (white, dark, and milk chocolate) and after a few days they were still delicious although saturated from being closed off to air inside the chocolate, but we still loved them.

Honestly after ordering from Shari’s Berries this time around, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that others do it as well. We did it for birthday, but you can do it for Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day. Why not go ahead and plan it? 😉

We’ve taken our world famous strawberries and dressed them up for Christmas. First, we pick only the freshest, juiciest and biggest strawberries we can find. Then, 2 are dipped milk confection, 2 in dark and 2 in white. To make them fancy enough for a Christmas gift, we top the milk off with red and white swizzles, the dark with holly sprinkles and the white with holly sprinkles.

Oh, and another thing… while this was a blog review opportunity that got me involved with Shari’s Berries in the first place as I was checking out they popped up an add on product of three chocolate covered oreos, and if you know me that wasn’t really a question. So I bought those myself and they were worth every penny!

*Thanks to the publicist for providing a promo code for review.*

Can you say wishlist!!!?!?

  • JANUARY – Full Half Dozen New Year’s Berrries
  • FEBRUARY – Full Half Dozen Valentine’s Day Berries
  • MARCH – Full Half Dozen St. Patrick’s Day Berries
  • APRIL – Full Half Dozen Easter Berries
  • MAY – Full Half Dozen Spring Mother’s Day Berries
  • JUNE – Full Half Dozen Sports Berries
  • JULY – Full Half Dozen Summer Berries
  • AUGUST – Full Half Dozen Fancy Berries
  • SEPTEMBER – Full Half Dozen Swizzled Berries
  • OCTOBER – Full Half Dozen Halloween Berries
  • NOVEMBER – Full Half Dozen Thanksgiving Berries
  • DECEMBER – Full Half Dozen Christmas Berries
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SPECIAL OFFER – FREE SHIPPING! Our berries are so delicious and decadent; you just want to eat them at every chance you get! Treat yourself or a loved one each month with our 12 Months of Berries, a delicious year of Full Half Dozen Berries, each decorated for the appropriate holiday and season. Berries are freshly dipped, delivered monthly (usually delivered on the 2nd Wednesday of the month) and shipped overnight. Choose the month you wish to start sending the berries and the next 11 months will be automatically sent.

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