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The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale

Genres: Juvenile, Juvenile Fiction

The Bully Book by Eric Kahn Gale
Genre: Juvenile Fiction / Social Issues
Ages 8 to 12, Grades 3 to 7
Pages: 240 Hardcover
Date Published: December 26th, 2012
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s

Originally a self-published ebook, it’s about an average kid, now the class grunt, who suspects a bizarre conspiracy. Actually a blended book within a book, the story is told jointly as journal entries alongside “the rules” for bullying which reveal shocking insights into the mind of the bully as our grunt hero determines to solve the mystery and to protect himself. Includes a note from the author about his experience and website resources. The debut novel by a member of StarKid Productions, THE BULLY BOOK is a must-read for every kid, parent, educator and librarian! The special ¾ matte lam jacket embellished with spot uv and embossing, printed case, specially designed interior (journal entries, notes, memos) highlight the unusual and intriguing content.

The rules governing middle school are often a mystery, but for Eric Haskins, they’re a mystery he needs to solve, and fast. He’s a normal, average kid until sixth grade starts. For some inexplicable reason, the class bully and his pack make Eric the grunt. Even his best friend since first grade turns on him. Eric can’t figure out why he’s the grunt until he hears about “The Bully Book,” a cryptic guide that gets right inside the head of the Bully.

Eric Haskins may be this year’s grunt for now, but he’s determined not to stay at the bottom of the social ladder forever. It’s a must-read for every kid, parent, librarian, and educator!

The novel consists of Bully Book excerpts that dissect the bully and the victim roles, juxtaposed with darkly humorous journal entries that provide the story arc for Eric’s hellish year in sixth grade. The author has included a note about his experience and website resources. Just like the novels by Jack Gantos and Jerry Spinelli, THE BULLY BOOK is honest, hilarious and a deeply satisfying read.

Eric Kahn Gale always wanted to write about his time in elementary school, but he didn’t know how to fit it into a story. One day he was listening to the NPR program This American Life, and in a segment entitled “The Cruelty of Children” he heard a young kid say his bully “had a book that taught you how to be mean to people.” The child’s teacher and librarian both denied that the book existed, and the kid was obviously scared enough of his bully to imagine it was true.

“But what if it was real?” Eric had been walking around, listening on his headphones. He tore them off, rushed into the nearest Starbucks, and wrote out the first paragraph on his smart phone.

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Eric Kahn Gale lives in New York City, and The Bully Book is his first novel. He would love to hear what you think-email him at thebullybook@gmail.com with comments!

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