As far as exercise and charting what I eat I’m doing really well. I might have already lost some weight, but then it could also be water/muscle/wavering… we’ll see. I’ve tried Yoga and enjoyed it and plan to go back. AppleBlossom did Kids Yoga this week and really loved it, according to the instructor she did really well with directions and paying attention, so that really makes me happy. I also did Zumba this week, and that was very cool. Also I got together with someone to work on hooping, and specifically to keep the hoop up. I tried a larger hoop and was able to do it instantly and after working with that one a bit I’ve had better luck with my own hoop. So there is hope after all!

However, I’m having the same type of pain in my left hip, from lower back radiating down the side to just above my knee that I had when I was in my mid-pregnancy with OrangeBlossom. I think it’s sciatica and it’s making me slow down. It doesn’t hurt to put pressure on the left, it hurts when I release pressure. I’m hoping that maybe I can see a physical therapist again and figure out what exercises were the ones that were like gold in 2011.

Today I did a fitness evaluation to see how “out of shape” I am and I think I actually surprised myself. I think she said we’ll repeat it in about 6 weeks or so. I do not have the results all typed out prettily, but from my memory I was great on balance and pretty impressive on flexibility. I’ll have to work on those pushups, situps and pull ups. They have a nifty pullup assisted machine and I can do 105#, so if I keep at it, and lose weight, maybe I’ll meet it in the middle and be able to do it. 🙂