Night House, Bright House by Monica Wellington {Review}

Night House Bright House by Monica Wellington

Here’s a nighttime book for very young children that’s anything but quiet! Ten frisky mice race and chase their feline friend from one room to the next. Each turn of the page shows a dazzling new room singing with color, and the objects everywhere have plenty to say about the cat-and-mouse game going on around them. Full color.

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Daybreak (The Days of Redemption) by Shelley Shepard Gray {Preview}

When Viola Keim starts working at a nearby Mennonite retirement home, she strikes up an unlikely friendship with resident Atle, whose only living relative, son Edward, is living as a missionary in Nicaragua. Viola understands the importance of mission work, but she can’t imagine leaving her father in the hands of strangers. Even though her family is New Order Amish, it’s not the Amish way, and though she doesn’t know Ed, she judges him for abandoning his father.

But when Ed surprises his father with a visit, Viola and Ed both discover an attraction they never expected. Despite her feelings, choosing Ed would mean moving to a far-off country and leaving her family behind. She can’t do that. Her twin sister, Elsie, is going blind and will need someone to care for her all her life. Her family is reeling with the recent discovery that her grandmother hid her past as an Englischer. Her father seems forgetful and distracted—and to be harboring some secrets of his own. Does Viola dare leave them all behind and forge her own life? Or will family ties mean her one chance at love slips away?

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Penny and Her Marble by Kevin Henkes

From Kevin Henkes, the creator of Lilly, Owen, and Chrysanthemum, comes a brand-new mouse for brand-new readers. The Penny books are perfect for reading alone, reading aloud, and sharing together!

In the third book in the acclaimed and best-selling Penny series, Penny spots a marble in her neighbor’s yard. It’s a beautiful marble, blue and shiny and perfect, and Penny wants it. So she takes it home. But later that night Penny wonders, was it really hers to take? A masterful story from the award-winning creator of such beloved books for children as Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse and Chrysanthemum, layered with drama, humor, lessons, relationships, language, and unpredictable fun. Illustrated throughout with quintessential and irresistible Kevin Henkes watercolors, this is an ideal book to give to a child just learning to read. Plush doll available from Merrymakers.

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