A day in the life of Blossom School with Memoria Press Jr. Kindergarten! {Part 1}

Today I wanted to share a bit about what we’re doing in school. (My wordpress is acting up, so stick with me…) We’re a bit behind from illnesses and life, but then she will not turn four until July, so if we have to repeat things that’s okay. I’ve been planning to do something like this forever, but I forget to take pictures and beat myself up about it and I finally decided you might just be interested in the text anyway…

Week 21 – Day 1

Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten is planned out for two days per week for 33 weeks. We often repeat activities or make them go beyond just two days or add in more activities and add-on reads as well.

Prayers for Children – “God Watches Us”

God watches o’er us all the day, at home, at school, and at our play; And when the sun has left the skies, He watches with a million eyes. – Gabriel Setoun

I love discussing prayers and poems with AppleBlossom. When we started a little less than a year ago I never intended to make her memorize things for a while to come. I figured that was something I would let go since we indeed started Junior Kindergarten early as it is meant for a four year old. However she surprised me and just one day started to recite things along with me. It was a fabulous mama moment.

Reading this short little prayer/poem and having my daughter point out that they were saying the stars were God’s eyes was great and I love to watch as she learns and enjoys more and more things each day.

Big Thoughts for Little People – Letter Y – Yy is for Yelling

If you shout a pleasant greeting to a friend too early in the morning, he will count it as a curse! – Proverbs 27:14

This devotional book has been amazing. I wasn’t sure what I thought when I was looking at a kid’s devotional, but this is fabulous. The illustrations are fun and the pages have just enough to both provide a character lesson as well as interactive discussion questions involving the letter and message as well as the illustrations. I’m definitely glad for this one.

Recitation: Finishing up the Pledge of Allegiance

I’m thrilled with the broken up bits and pieces of recitation and memorization. She gets it and I never would have thought to add that in alone.

Calendar, Time, Weather, Holidays/Birthdays: We have a wall calendar that we do various things with… that’s probably another post on it’s own.

Alphabet Lesson/Writing:
Introduce the letter “Y” – Focus Words: Yo-yo, Yarn
Alphabet Book 2 – pp. 18-19

This is where I add in some fun. I add in activities of my choice from Confessions of a Homeschooler (COAH) Letter of the Week program and this for instance is Yy is for Yarn and then also other things like today we also used Animal ABCs Yy is for Yak. Then there are a few worksheets and activities from Education.com as well.

I’m really enjoying the Alphabet Book set. I started out with a Beta edition and later upgraded to the real deal and while I do think that the new covers are beautiful and easier to manage than the plastic coil binding I never expected the response from my daughter. She would moan and groan every time I pulled out the beta edition and I just assumed it was the fact that she’s not quite ready for the handwriting bit even though she knows all her letters by site in any order as well as all their sounds. But she now talks about the pretty Alphabet Book and how much she wants to get to that. So, for her outside appearances do matter! While she still does not have a good hold on writing all her letters (we’re going back with Handwriting Without Tears PreK (HWOT)) she does get the activities in spotting letters, coloring for the surprise image to appear, mazes, which one is or isn’t the right letter to the image ectera. So I’m on and up and down on whether this is right for her “right now” or not. Everything but the handwriting is. So I think that if we work with HWOT a little longer, then jumped back into the writing her, she would get it. But then again, she’s three and half so it’s expected to be difficult.

Show and Tell: Animals – Amphibians

This is the part where I wasn’t really sure where to start. So off to Pinterest I went and I got just enough to make it appropriate with an Education.com activity sheet and a Bill Nye the Science Guy video that was about 23 minutes long.

Now it’s snack time with string cheese and crackers and more school to come later in the day.

Next to come is Number Lesson, Activity/Craft, Literature, Music, Poetry, Games, Enrichment and a Closing Prayer…

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