Today I fully intended to stay home for once, read hopefully a whole book (of my own) as well as children’s books for “school” and then maybe write a few reviews. But what was night before last a croup cough and no fever is now tears, coughing and a 103.6 for my baby OrangeBlossom. Our pediatrician is on vacation this week!!! No!!! So we have to see a substitute… *sigh* Relax on another day? We’re sick again…

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(No spam, I promise. Just creative madness ramblings, reviews and life-stories, with quilting and cross stitch inspiration in between!)

About CherryBlossomMJ

The Creative Madness Mama also known as Margaret is a Christian Stay-at-home Mama, married to the Enginerd, Quilter, avid reader and book-a-holic. A book blogger for bunches of different publicists. She loves to share the latest and greatest about books coming out as well as her quilt and other crafty projects with some pictures of her eight-year-old AppleBlossom, three-year-old Almond Blossom (the Rascal boy!), six-year-old OrangeBlossom (the Princess), and newborn Mermaid Warrior in between. Plotting to be a homeschooler, she's a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, list making mama full of a little creative and a lot of madness.