Anyone else interested in my definition of Creative Madness?

In 2007 I started a blog in an effort to share my quilt projects, cross stitch work in progress and random book reviews as I was going along. It was for my mom and sisters. I started out as Creative Madness that Makes Me Myself, because I wasn’t a quilt blog, nor was I a cross stitch blog, nor a book blog and I wasn’t really just a craft blog. So it was Creative Madness, it was my love for creativity whether with a needle or in the imagination and there was so much of it pulling me in different directions, that it was madness. Then in 2009 I became a mother. In 2010 I moved to wordpress and made it Creative Madness Mama as opposed to the longer version that nobody could remember plus by this time my own crafts have gone to the side and I’m more in love with sharing about books than I have ever been. Creative – crafty in pen or needle and Madness – too much to keep up with so I go with what pulls that day. 🙂