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Genres: Christian Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, Romance

reginascott11-07Time seems to fly. It’s hard to believe you published your first book, The Unflappable Miss Fairchild, 15 years ago and that your August release, The Courting Campaign, marks your 25th book. How has being published changed your life?

It’s opened up new worlds, both in terms of research that takes me to far places and in terms of meeting new friends. Years ago, writing was a solitary pursuit. Now, I’ve met authors who write about the same time period I do, or who approach writing in the same way I do. It’s very encouraging!

Christian Historical Fiction seems to be your main genre. Is it your favorite to write?

Definitely! I’ve tried to write mysteries or fantasy, but the romance keeps creeping in. I have a hard time reading a book or watching a movie that doesn’t have some sort of interplay between male and female characters. I’ve also dabbled at contemporary romance, but there’s something about history, the pageant, the perseverance, that makes it a much more romantic setting for stories.

What are you reading right now?

I’m actually rereading Mercer’s Belles: The Journal of a Reporter by Roger Conant as edited by Lenna A. Deutsch. The story of how one man united Civil War widows and orphans with the female-starved lumbermen and entrepreneurs of early Seattle has fascinated me since I was a child. I’m so excited I get to write about it at last! I’ll be starting work on the first book in the series in late September, with a tentative publication date of next summer.


Other than writing, what type of crafts have you tried? Are there any that became really hobbies and stick with you? I know I personally haven’t figured out how to read, cross stich and quilt all at the same time. ☺

When you do, please let me know, Margaret! Most of my life involves multitasking these days. I do love to sew, whether clothing or home crafts like curtains and pillow shams. And I love to try new recipes, although since my oldest son became a chef and proposed to one, most of my time is spent eating their cooking rather than trying my own (tough life, I know!). I also collect historical and fantasy (think princess) costumes, so I’m always scouring second-hand stores for new acquisitions.

Can you share some of the exciting things God is doing in your life right now?

I volunteered to help babysit a 10-month-old for a dear friend, and God’s definitely using it to teach me humility and patience! Plus there’s no better time to sing praise or pray then when rocking a baby to sleep!

Do you have a personal or author blog? What topics do you post about most?

I share the blog Nineteenteen ( with my wonderful friend YA and historical author Marissa Doyle. We generally post about things in the nineteenth century that might have affected the lives of teens, whether careers they might have gone into, clothing they might have worn, people they might have met, or pastimes they might have taken part in. We also have an ongoing reading club and movie club called the Young Bluestockings, where we all agree to read a book or watch a movie set in the nineteenth century and share our impressions.


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