It’s just Wednesday.

I’m waiting for the online chat with my host company to come available, so I figured I might as well say a thing or two while I wait. I cannot believe it is December. I really cannot. Yesterday there was a commercial with Christmas lights on it and my OrangeBlossom was delighted and naming everything she knew. I remember last Christmas when we went driving looking for lights, it feels like that was just a few weeks ago. I cannot believe the fact that it was really about a year ago. Where has the time gone? I hope I’ve been at least a fairly entertaining blog during that time.

In the last year my pride has seemed to catch up with my blog. True I do not want a flashy ad-filled blog with products even I haven’t heard of. But I’ll gladly share products and things that I do believe in. I have them on my sidebar and my affiliate page (in the toolbar). But I’m so hesitant to add links to my post anymore for the threat of if I don’t get the disclaimer posted just right, oh how frustratingly annoying. I wish I could just add a click and it were always there. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to do that eventually!

We’re plugging along in Memoria Press Kindergarten and for the most part it is going pretty well. We took some time off and we’re having trouble getting back in the swing of things, but I suppose that it okay since I scheduled more time off in December and January (to add to that unscheduled time off and the fact that we started early) so I think we’ll be alright doing limited amounts when the interest is there. After all, it’s only K4. In MP K there is one book a week, or rather one literature selection per week and then sometimes other resource books for the social studies and science elements and then of course a Bible story. So in the last few months by my own fault of not pushing it, we have really gotten out of the habit of reading. By the time the opportunity does come to read aloud I’m so frustrated with behavior from one things or another that the last thing I want to do is snuggle up and read… I just want to inflict time out for everybody! So I need to work on that. I’d love to hear when you read aloud to your littles…

Next year is going to be even more chaotic so I need to have plans… There are so many exciting things going on! I’m going to try to continue with the reviews and such that I do now especially in children’s books, but I want to plan at least a day a week to be a sewing day so that I can really spend time at the machine and get some quilts out. Maybe I should make it two days a week, one for quilting and another for cross stitch… hmm… I wonder if I might actually finish some ornaments this year… On my birthday I got a fabulous email telling me that I was accepted to the Schoolhouse Review Crew and I could not be more excited! So much opportunity!!

So while yes there is a bit of frustration here and finances are always stressful. There is so much happy thoughts in the next year! Even more I haven’t shared with you yet!

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