What do you mean it’s mid-March?

How on earth is it already mid-March? How in the world am I already 21 weeks preggo? I haven’t gotten anything done that I was planning to have pre-scheduled in January and now you’re telling me it’s almost April. How does that happen?


I’m going to dream about curriculum, that always helps. I did that last night you know. It was vibrant and educational. *snicker*

I’ve been thinking, I need more blog posts, so how about more of me just “saying it how it is” posts, but you know moderated. Because well, I don’t necessarily know ‘you’ and I’m not sure what I’d say to your face rather than say to you know BestFriendK’s face, you know? Well that’s a ramble and I’ve probably already lost you. After all, it’s not like I could ever blog like Not Inadequate. I love her blog, it’s so real and always makes me laugh, OUT LOUD. But I couldn’t do it. I could say it to your face perhaps, but not here, not to the open internet. Too many unknowns I suppose. Yet, I applaud her. She says many a thing I need to hear. Just change her knitting to cross stitching or quilting and I’m all there.

So… pregnant. Yes, most definitely. Well into the second trimester and loving pregnancy despite the issues that come along with it like my body tell me it doesn’t want to jump out of bed or off the couch and dash down the hall. Or once I’ve seated myself on the concrete for an hour the idea of getting up by oneself is foolish. Huh. Who knew?

Speaking of knowing. I know. I know what the gender is. *wink* Do I tell you in blog land? Do you want to know? I’ve already picked out the blog nickname for said child. Uber excited! Very cute, BTW.

What have I been up to? Well, I just got my hands on the curriculum for Memoria Press’ First Grade and I’m ecstatic! I’ve been slowing (sale here, bargain there) getting my hands on the books for the read aloud and social studies and sciences resource lists and so far they all look fabulous. I’m missing a few including some Gail Gibbons titles as well as some more pricey (aka $15+) picture books, but little by little I’m getting there. I’m still back and forth on whether or not AppleBlossom will start the full first grade set this fall, but the interim months will tell. After all, this summer she turns five and her sister three.

Speaking of her sister, OrangeBlossom will not be jumping into MP JrK at three like AppleBlossom did. Definitely different learners here. We just mastered identifying the letter Oo and that’s about as far as we’ve gotten! So we’re going to do more fun school for a bit with her, so she might be more to the typical age four that the program is geared to in the first place. So won’t that make for an interesting comparison review? Bring on the LeapFrog Letter Factory! Bring on the snuggly books and we’ll do P3/4 again. Read, read, read!

Speaking of reading…. AppleBlossom is really starting to get a hang of it. She’s working on CVC words with short vowels sounds and we’ve just added in double letter endings (like mess, will, fill, etc). This past week at nap time/quiet time I heard her READING to her sister! *sniffle*

Continuing to speak on AppleBlossom’s school progress. She’s balking at math, unless the Enginerd is home. If he’s here, she do pages at a time (and nearly all correctly!) but during the day she’s fighting it. Just cannot sit still. And thus, at four years of age, okay, go play with your sister. (And let preggo mama nap!)

We’re behind in a few Literature Enrichment books and some supplements I’ve pulled from our shelves, but we’re making a stack in our (fabulous Sonlight tote bag) and I plan to get to them. Sooner rather that later I suppose.

On the topic of books… I have so many reviewed, that I need to type up! So many on my table here to read and review! So much to tell you and I don’t know where to begin!

I think I should have called this post the directionality of the tangent. If you got this far, I love you. *grin*

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The Creative Madness Mama also known as Margaret is a Christian Stay-at-home Mama, married to the Enginerd, Quilter, avid reader and book-a-holic. A book blogger for bunches of different publicists. She loves to share the latest and greatest about books coming out as well as her quilt and other crafty projects with some pictures of her eight-year-old AppleBlossom, three-year-old Almond Blossom (the Rascal boy!), six-year-old OrangeBlossom (the Princess), and newborn Mermaid Warrior in between. Plotting to be a homeschooler, she's a cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing, list making mama full of a little creative and a lot of madness.
  • Lindsey Freitas

    I love this post and I want to see more, more, more like it! So funny that you mentioned more personal posts because I just posted something similar – I have the same desire. I worry too much about what people will think or whether it will be boring (haha). Seeing how silly that is now considering it’s my blog and if they didn’t like me they wouldn’t come visit. Well, usually that’s the case anyway.

    Curriculum dreams are fun. 😉 I could spend all day looking online at curriculum. And never EVER making up my mind what I want to do. O_O I just recently got my first grade curriculum in, too! SO excited to get started. Like I might, over the summer. Just a couple books to get, and I plan to grab those soon from the used curriculum bookstore nearby (am I lucky or what?).

    I can’t imagine being prego again right now but every once in awhile I dream about another baby girl… 🙂 And yes, you tell blogland!!!!!

    Emma and Isaac sound soooo much like your girls! Emma loves anything involving reading/phonics/science but math she can clam up. I have gone the math game route quite often, and use math facts CDs and songs, too. Also, Emma is little miss “I love to learn” and although Isaac is listening, the only letter he recognizes so far is “O” and he JUST in the last few weeks developed a small attention span and asks to do “school”. He can trace circles and lines and has actually learned quite a bit from Umizoomi and his sister. 🙂 Thinking of getting a preschool program for him for later in the year…

  • I’m glad to hear that you and your family are feeling better! Your girls sound like they are doing well in their studies. =) Take one Review at a time, you will get there! Have a great week!