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As I sit here and thing, goodness I need to get out some personal blog posts, I’m listening to the fan of this old hand-me-down laptop and I half wonder if it will attempt to fly away, because it sure sounds like a jet plan getting ready for take off. Alas the world is not made of money and we cannot all upgrade just because some computers get finicky, nor can we just hiatus from a decent iMac desktop because our pregnant hips do not agree with the computer desk chair. Such is the life, right? Well now to add to that I have a hand-me-down-I-think-first-generation iPad that will only work with older apps (sorry Oceanside Media Cat in the Hat Learning Library, I guess you’re stuck on my phone) and jumps back to the home screen whenever it feels like it to keep you on your toes. (You should see the evil eye I get from my four year old and two year old when that happens, geez ladies!)

So, sitting. Sitting in the brown chair. Alternating feet on ottoman and criss-crossed legs as my progressively growing pregnant body seems to like the alternation. I’m in the library for those that are curious. Now that it’s spring, I practically move into here. This is the room with the most (three) windows across and I just love staring at the green outside, especially vibrant as when we left for Georgia the trees were bare, and now they’re voluminously full with I’m sure some more to grow in. (BTW, I needed spell check for that one.)

Yes, we just got back from a ten day stretch in Georgia, but I’ll come back to that.

To my left in the library is the dreamy 9 ft high, three shelves wide shelving that the amazingly handsome Enginerd built and designed. I glance at it with a grin of the promise for it to be added to in the the one-day-future. It houses fiction, authors (last name) C-Carol through L-Lessman and then the bottom two taller rows house children’s treasuries, book picks for the first grade year (pink label) and the preschool year (purple label) — as we read these they’ll be shelved appropriately, some box organization of books (that would make a wonderful full post if I ever get around to it… – remind me!), and then Childcraft 1970s plus 80s add-ons, Childcraft 1990s, My Book House 1953, and a few sparse My Child’s World and now a new Natural Encyclopedia Set (thanks AuntS) and a few encyclopedias (so far Kingfisher Atlas of World History, KF Children’s E, KF History E, Master Books World of Animals).

Straight ahead are the two window seats (built and designed by my Enginerd of dreams) that are currently holding oversized books in the first cubbie, a variety of organized toys in Sterlite totes in the others totes (again, a great blog post idea….) with the top hosting space to sit. Also on the top are a few book boxes that need to find another home (another shelf) but in the mean time are readily used including topics of Math, Science, and Fairy Tales.

Now on the right are bookshelves that have been following me since my college apartment days. And I thought those nearly 7 ft shelves were so tall. Hah! Not when I have a ridiculously high ceiling and dreams of floor to ceiling books. Alas. Anyway, right now, as of yesterday, these shelves have become double stacked with book from P-Parker through Z-Zeller. This takes up the first four of these two shelves and the last two-taller shelves are hosting Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology textbooks as well as kiddo puzzles, and totes with Math Manipulatives and FP Little People. The two short parts of a stackable shelf holing totes with Christmas Children’s Books, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter, Music and Black History with a few early chapter book readers on top.

I love being surrounded by some of my books and truly look forward to the day when I can put more in here. A-C Fiction is in the living room with Classics and Leatherbound and special hardcovers (aka Harry Potter, Stefanie Meyer, and Cassandra Clare) on two other gorgeous Enginerd shelves, shorter though. And alas M-P is currently relocated to boxes that are piled in my hallway and I covet them as I walk past. But for now they’ll have to be relocated the wall of the Quilting Den as life continues on with less than preferred shelving (come on he’s painting the changing table and getting the crib back together – he’s a busy man!) until life calms a bit and perhaps lumber prices drop.

Outside is green green green, a little bit of white blooms, and an on-fire Japanese Maple. We returned to a jungle of a lawn, but that’s mostly been tempered down now.

So, Georgia. Curious right?! Well the Enginerd had to go on a third business trip of 8 days. I faired tentatively well while he was in Minneapolis, but this time to Phoenix I opted to head on down to my mama and daddy’s house. I was 27 weeks preggo at the beginning of the trip and we shouldn’t go much later than that and all. So we all drove, and he flew out of Atlanta. I’m sure it was quite the inconvenience to have to have a direct flight rather than the connections here there and yonder to get on his way as would and will be on his fourth and last trip, but he seemed to thrive anyway. While daddy was gone, the girls ran rampant all over the place and I chilled in a chair, cross stitched a bit, and stared at the wall a bit more. All while other people aided the toddler with the potty, clothes changes and feeding the every five minute (grew a shoe size in a month!) “I’m hungry” whines. There were cousins, friends, family, two Grandma/Grandmamas and even a delightful Baby Sprinkle where I scored some WONDERFUL boy clothes! (Thanks Kim and Jen!!!) It was a whirlwind, but delightful.

And now, I’ve returned home to Apologia Apologetics, Memoria Press Greek, Flat Stanley newbies, Virtues and more children’s books as well as a delightfully thick historical from Deeanne Gist. This is a happy mama!

As for now. Nearly 28 weeks, and expecting my next ultrasound on Thursday. Violin to pick up on Friday. *sigh* (of bliss)

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  • I love being surrounded by my books, too. 🙂 It’s killing me that many of them are packed in the shed! And whenever my dude has to go somewhere for more than a few nights I head to my parents’ house, too… I don’t like being home “alone” at all! I’m the most paranoid person. I would feel better if we had a dog…