Wrapping Up the End of the Homeschool Year (2013-2014 Edition)

Wrapping Up the Homeschool YearCan you believe it is already that time of year, to wrap up your school studies? If you are using a standard school year it is that time. Although if you use a calendar year, then it’s the time to pep up as you’re almost halfway there! Or if you school year-round you might be changing topics, taking a hiatus, or re-energizing to keep on trekking. Finally, there is another new-to-me option that your family might use in (the name slips my mind at the moment) schedule of 6-9 weeks on, break, on, break, and so on! Generally for us I think we use a school year start, and then naturally fall a bit into a (whatever that last one is called) schedule. However we let life get in the way as well as speed up and slow down as the material and skills lead us.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 8.30.13 PMWe started the year with a combination of Sonlight P4/5 and Memoria Press Kindergarten as our main curriculums with a bit of other fun things mixed in here and there. As of December and January we started adding in a few things (some were brief, some we’ve kept) of TOS Review Crew items. It has been interesting to see what worked and what hasn’t quite. This was a kindergarten year, or more specifically K4. In the last month or so we have also integrated a bit of tot school, as my almost three year old is showing interest in her own school work, so we definitely will plan some tot school / PreK / K3 things for this fall. (I’ve already begun printing, laminating and hole punching accordingly!)

Link backs:

K4 Curriculum for 2013-2014
K4.5 Curriculum and Tot School 

For me, this is a time of perspective as I figure out what is next. The year before, starting around the time AppleBlossom was about 18 months we thoroughly loved and thrived with P3/4. I assumed the same would be the case with P4/5, but that’s not so. Some of the book list we don’t care for, but overall greatly dislike the scatter brained feeling of the schedule. While we bargain-huntingly acquired  most of Core A… I highly doubt we’ll return to Sonlight for our spine materials; probably just to flesh out reading suggestions. As for the P4/5 schedule we probably stopped around 18 weeks and now just read from that shelf on demand filing away with the other shelves as they are read. I’m not concerned with completion here.

The main of our year has been blessedly filled with Memoria Press Kindergarten. Last year I shared a several part review of the Memoria Press Junior Kindergarten (which we loved start to finish!) and in a few weeks I will share a similar thorough review of their Kinder Curriculum. This year we have covered Phonics, Math, Copybook, Memory Work, Literature, and Enrichment studies including Music, Art, Poetry, Social Studies, and Science topics. While some subjects are ahead of others; overall, we are on week 28 of 33 in our Lesson Plans. Technically with a school year start date we are schedule to be on week 31, but we’re so close that I’m not concerned. We have endured through a miscarriage, surgery, new pregnancy with the first trimester & second trimester & now the beginnings of the third. All things considered I think we are doing quite swell!

20140507-155008.jpgCurrently the plan is to keep on trekking through until our MP Kinder Curriculum is complete. We don’t really intend to take a summer break per say. I don’t want a knowledge slide, but honestly I was always that kid who devoured summer workbooks. At this point I’m trying to instill a love of learning (for life) to my kids. When the MP stuff is all box-checked my plan is to read (both my reading and aloud, and her reading primers to me) on demand, color/cut/paste worksheets from the Moffatt Girls, Math Mammoth 1A worksheets when the desire hits, and make memory flash cards to go over from the MP JrK and K Lesson Plans. The only other things is to continue with whatever the TOS Crew brings our way. I may bring OrangeBlossom into the fun with printables on demand as well (both letters and seasonal themes) however I don’t plan to be too organized about it until this fall.

Truly wrapping up the school year brings excitement to me about what is to come. Yes we’re finishing a chapter, but we’ve learned some things about what kind of learning this kiddo thrives in (as well as balks at!). I have our lesson plans for this fall in hand and I’m eager to figure out what’s what and make plans! And then of course, our summer/fall start dates might be transitioned a bit as the baby brother will grace the scene eventually… 29 weeks and counting folks!

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