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So pardon the lack of images and links as I type from my phone while lying in bed. (Lying/laying? – grammar is definitely a weakness for me). I was looking back at the “Birth Story” post where I recalled the awful experience of AppleBlossom’s birth and the “Had a Baby” experience of been there done that in OrangeBlossom birth to remind myself of what is to come.

I’m a little curious about what I wrote on AB, because that’s not how I currently recall the statistics but maybe I was orally told something then and know it now from paperwork to differ. Who knows. I also recalled the time wrong with OB.

So, history shows two girls delivered nearly naturally. Both vaginally with no epidural. Just IV pain and pitocin.

(2009) normal visit found 5.5 cm dilation with unfelt contractions, pitocin added two hours later, manual water break (AROM – thank you Amy) 12 hours later, felt massive and imminent contractions, dilated fully the rest within one hour and delivered at 3:11 am. Bad tear, bad blood loss. Bad emotions aftermath, extended hospital stay for mama.

(2011) normal visit with ultrasound nearing point of first delivery found 2.3 cm dilation with unfelt contractions, planned pitocin start at 3 am the next morning, AROM around 11 am. Send the Enginerd and toddler off for lunch, 25 minutes later they return to find a baby delivered at 1:26 pm. No tear to recall. Good to good in three hours physically and emotionally, just hungry.

So that’s one 8#2.3oz baby and one 7#2oz baby. Ultrasounds prior to delivery estimated approximate 6# babies.

Now. Previously I never felt contractions until AROM. This time I’ve felt BH or preparation contractions since about week 27 or so. Interesting. Previous pregnancies had terrible sciatica, absolutely none with this one. Last ultrasound (about two weeks ago) estimated a 6# baby at 33 weeks. Last appointment (Friday) showed normal “check” exam.

The last weekend (current day included) has been killer on the contractions. Weeks ago they were “Oh, interesting” around 44 seconds and mild if not gentle. Then last week or so they became 57 seconds and “hold into that thought, okay what were you saying” still fairly mild, but not really gentle in definition any more. As if the end of last week they became “my back is killing me and if you don’t leave me alone I might bite you” at 1:20 seconds and mild to moderate in nature. As if today, they are “I’m dying, oh geez should I go to the hospital? Nah my appointment is Wednesday. Ouch, my back. This hurts. Is that my seat bone contracting? Oh wait what was I talking about???” In about 1:16-2 minutes in length in absolute various frequency.

At first the OB said, if you get more than four an hour call. I routinely had more than seven but not for more than two hours. Now I’m having nine in an hour, 21 in three hours, consistent length, with a frequency of anywhere from every 3.5 minutes to 18 minutes.

People say oh this is your third, you’re a pro, you’ll know. But this is so different. I don’t meet any textbook standard withy oddity before nor with this one now.

The 5-1-1 doesn’t seem to apply to me. (Five in an hour, lasting over a minute, for longer than an hour).

As of now it stands that I’m having a huge baby by estimate. Already expecting him three weeks early, and currently that is still two weeks away. Hmm…

My back hurts.

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  1. First, you are welcome:)
    Second, get off your back. Research Posterior Presentation. The heaviest part is sitting on your lower back. You want to rotate him around so his face is down, not up. Makes it easier for labor, delivery, and saves you back pain.
    Third, you don’t really need to time how long each contraction is. 1 minute. More concerning is the frequency. Time it from the beginning of the contraction to the beginning of the next. Right, if you are not meeting the 511 criteria, don’t worry about it.
    Fourth, yes you know your body. If you are concerned about something but don’t meet some criteria… something about it. If I was talking to myself as a labor RN when I was in labor with Trinity ,I would not have gone in. My contractions never got any more frequent than every 7 minutes. Mostly 10-15 minutes. But I knew it was different. Listen to your body and brain.
    Just a few more weeks!

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