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School another today

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep and then when going to bed I poked a baby awake so he would nurse while I was still awake. The Enginerd was already fast asleep so I took Almond boy with me to the living room. We both fell asleep out there until toddler OrangeBlossom discovered me while in route to the potty. Off to bed then for reals. Normal waking nursing after that. Until two hours later with the booming thunder and lightning enough to shake the house. So I left the boys in my room and ran to the girls. Both were terrified of course. I jumped in between them and wrapped my arms around little girl AppleBlossom at my chest and other arm and legs back to OrangeBlossom behind me. I woke up when the Enginerd came and poked me to say he was leaving. I then relocated back to my bed next to Almond’s pack n play travel lite bassinet. Sleep…

At least for two hours before the baby wanted to nurse and the girls wanted my presence. Girls cereal, me cinnamon toast. Again quinoa, right I know. (But at least I’m eating!) While they’re eating I’m reading SOTW: Ancients.

Then with the dreary rain (it’s ten am and looks like dawn) we went for Aslan as the girls affectionately say. We watched The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on DVD. Full of snuggles, three baby outfit changes, one vomitus Maximus, and a baby in the play gym in between nursing and diapers that make me want to take a bath.

Then Pandora for Let it Go and a Tangled song to dance to and sing loudly.

After that, baby changed and fed again and back on the gym mat. I hand OrangeBlossom the iPad with PBS hoping it won’t die and she’ll leave us alone for a minute.

We grab OPGTR and go for two lessons, more two-letter blends. Then two pages of dictation (aka spelling) left over from First Start Reading Book C and a few columns of word families to have AppleBlossom read to me.

Next I flip through Adventures in Phonics A and Mathematics 1 to check what she’s completed over the past few days, give stickers and point out a problem or two she’d missed.

Lastly we’re fading. OrangeBlossom wants to exclaim about everything she’s seeing. Almond us filling another diaper and thus claiming it’s the end if the world. AppleBlossom is whimpering and writing sloppy because she wants the iPad as well. So the iPad is confiscated for nobody’s use and we say one more thing then food.

We do half of lesson 42 in Logic of English Foundations through the cursive T and phonogram /th – TH/.

And food. Left overs and yogurt.

Next quiet time. What else today? Maybe some fairy tales, more Narnia, and encourage cursive capital T on the chalk boards as well as more progress in her workbooks.

I’m also hoping to read a few review books especially in the HarperCollins stack and wondering if Almond will let me get away with it…

Now the Narnia documentary disc is ending. Ones at the chalk board. Ones in the nursery with a Leapfrog Tag pen. Ones asleep at the chest with a full tummy. I need to get up finish eating, drink more and go for the second Narnia.

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