Wrap up? Update?

I’m not sure if I want to call this a weekly update or am October wrap up. Either way. . .

We’ve been trekking along in school. AppleBlossom is 5 years 4 months old. OrangeBlossom is 3 years 2-3/4 months old. Almond boy Blossom is 3-1/2 months old. AppleBlossom is doing a plethora of fun things. We call this year K5 but a majority of what we are doing is technically called First Grade, although we are in no rush.

This week we have come upon the first quarter in Seton Home Study School First Grade, our intent was to make this curriculum last two years, but so far outside of art and music it doesn’t look like it will, so we might make it with lots of reading being our second year of it. But this is only the first quarter so who knows what the next three quarters will hold.

We are also in week 8 of Memoria Press First Grade and this is truly where my heart lies. I live this curriculum and I really need to get my review of Kindergarten out for you. There have been a few literature enrichment choices that have alluded me due to budget but I’m still hoping to get them eventually. (Including Miss Twiggley’s Tree, Tomie de Paola’s Patrick, Rechenka’s Eggs and Russia ABCs).

We are also adding in a bit of Wayfarers Ancients as we can acquire books through the digital library. What a treasure Kathy-Jo had made!!!

This five year old is reading level 1 and some level 2 early readers. We are in Bob Books Set 3 readers and I’m finding that is more on a just getting to so vs learning new at this point. We are trekking through our beloved English Lessons Through Literature, still working through the Beatrix Potter books now, as well as learning our Reading Lessons Through Literature spelling lists.

She is excited about dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and Christopher Columbus. We are talking about Native American Indians like Saint Kateritakawatha and the interaction of Indians with the Pilgrims. We had a Pocahontas and Pocahontas 2 marathon (thank you Netflix) and found a Columbus and Thanksgiving Day animated storybook video also (thank you TN R.E.A.D.S. through Overdrive).

We’re finishing up our October Kinder and First Grade printables and starting our November sets from Moffatt Girls. I see Turkey’s in our future! (See picture)

We just got our first big girl bike fit with training wheels and we will have to make excuses to ride it. (See picture)

OrangeBlossom is still not interested in school quite the way her sister was at three, however she has discovered calling it school does often equal one on one time with mama. I’ve been working on getting printables I like starting with COAH LOTW and others (see Pinterest) and putting them in order. I then had the Enginerd scan the ones I chose to print from various resources as a document so that when we want to revisit the subject or another kid comes along instead of dredging through preschool and kindergarten files I can just press print.

Right now, before we start the printables, school for OrangeBlossom is Memoria Press Level B (a Junior Kindergarten precursor for special needs or mental ages 3-4). I’ll have much more information on that in a review to come but would be glad to answer questions. At this point she knows her letters, colors, and basic shapes but we still need to work on number recognition (she’s counting well). In Level B, we are using a majority of board books and discussing the letter C currently and number one with poetry and baby animals included.

For both girls we are pretty set with out morning prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, and out bedtime prayer. With AppleBlossom we are doing well with Our Father, Glory Be, Hail Mary, Pledge of Allegiance and we’re just starting to memorize the Ten Commandments.

Next week is going to be a lighter week in the sense of paperwork and routine as we will be reviewing for 1Q tests in Math, Religion, English and she has already aced her Spelling and Phonics tests. (AppleBlossom has actually already completed the 2Q Phonics test as well.) We are also one section away from completing the Kindergarten CAT as well. So far so good, I think. We plan to review and test, and fill in time with Moffatt Girls November printables and Thanksgiving themed reads. We will probably continue to revisit the Halloween and pumpkin books and printables as well if she is interested.

No Christmas stuff yet. The rule is that it has to be my birthday first… Nov 18 and it’s the big one at a good 3-0!!! Then we can finish up some Thanksgiving and start in Advent themes.

Almond is sleeping on my chest (on his side) as I type this on my phone. He still loves soothies, but also sucks his thumb from time to time, especially at night. He’s rolled over a few times and is becoming a tummy time champ. He’s still quite the hoss getting near to a four month age and wearing nine month clothes! Today we pulled the jumper down from the attic and with a thick blanket wrapped around he is quite capable of it. And seemed to like it although his feet are not quite to the ground. We laugh because it definitely sounds like he says “hungry”, “mama”, and “thank you”. He loves his daddy and his biggest sister especially and become very animated and full if baby gibberish when they come near.

I’ve been reading and reviewing as much as I can and of course I’m forever behind but in a good way as I’m fully blessed. Need any recommendations for gifts I have a plethora! I’ve been cross stitching too and loving every minute of working in my fall fairy. (See picture)

I love Autumn!

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