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105.7 fever anyone?

Ok. Pertinent details 4.5 month old has a 101.2 fever. Starting Saturday afternoon with the three year old, followed by the Enginerd, and then by Sunday afternoon myself. High fevers 105.7 often. A slight runny nose. Voice is lost and a very infrequent cough that feels like razor blades.

The five year old is dandy and hasn’t topped 99. Yesterday was really bad for the three year old but she was 102 at four am and has only gone down. She’s sitting at 99 herself now. And if I recall what he said (after all my head is a bit fuzzy) the Enginerd is going between 99-101 and still taking Tylenol.

I think I’m down to 99.7 myself. But once fever hit the infant my brain no longer works.

So apparently a fast high burning virus. But I don’t like the idea of his having it.

I haven’t sleep more than four hours at a time for months and no more than a hour at a time for the last weekend. So I’m just peachy for what tonight may bring.

Plan of attack: baby lightly dressed. Nursing on demand and truly offered at his standard every two hours. Enginerd off to buy more Infant’s Tylenol which we used up on the petite three year old yesterday. Nurse via phone said dose every four hours and try to keep him under 102. If at 104 tonight head to peds tomorrow. If 105 and scared head to urgent care tonight. Maybe sponge bath. Maybe ice water to drink in addition to nursing.



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  • Amy Kittel

    Why does your family always get such high fevers? We’ll send prayers for fast recoveries.