Memoria Press Kindergarten {Review – Part IV – Copybook, Bible, & Memory}

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Memoria Press Copybook

Memoria Press Copybook, Bible & Memory Period

CMM CCC-KOh, how I am enjoying remembering our past year in curriculum! Recommend recommend! After math comes… Copybook & Memory and this contains a Bible story from the Golden Children’s Bible and use of the Memoria Press Copybook I. It is laid out to read the story on Monday, Language Lesson and memorization of the relevant scripture on Tuesday. Copy and trace the verse on Wednesday with sometimes some math practice pages thrown into the practice those numbers on Wednesday. Thursday is a proof and correction date with recitation added and Friday ends with time to illustrate and review.

The Golden Children’s Bible was chosen because of its slightly simplified, but poetically appealing, King James text, along with its beautiful and age-appropriate illustrations. This is important because we believe students should learn to revere the Bible as a sacred book, distinct from modern adventure stories with cartoon heroes.

The Golden Children’s Bible was first published in 1962, I believe and it is still going strong. It is one that I’m not certain if I remember from my youth, but more than a handful of times I’ve heard and seen people comment that this is the Bible that they grew up on. What a delight to still be able to use it for my children today. My girls both love this Bible and ask for it, even when it’s not “school time” to read a Bible story. They often are found just pouring over the pictures and “reading” it to themselves at any time of day.

As to the theory of how the Copybook program is meant to be used – I think the theory is good, but I find it too slow to my liking. We do it nearly all in one day and then find more other things for additional copywork. We found we just need more. Even before she was reading, AppleBlossom was ready and eager to copy and recite.

Memoria Press Copybook series

Copybooks I-III: Teaching the Art of Penmanship Through Scripture and Poems by Cheryl and Leigh Lowe

Our primary Copybooks teach penmanship, basic grammar, spelling, literature, accuracy, attention to detail, and memory—all through the simple skill of copying. We have selected Scripture from the King James Bible (chosen for its poetic verse) and classic children’s poems, such as those by Robert Louis Stevenson, which describe the world in charming detail. The clean, facing pages provide plenty of space for your neophyte to draw and color the glorious passages provided. In years to come, you will cherish these journals of your child’s work.

The series includes three books, each with more than thirty-five passages, for beginning writers in K-2nd grade. Each starts with slightly larger margins and decreases gradually over the three-year series. Students begin tracing, then move to copying directly under modeled words. Eventually students are asked to copy passages from the left page onto lines on the right page. Emphasizing care and accuracy, students learn how to be patient and take pleasure in getting it right.

Overall, I truly enjoy the selections chosen for the copywork in the Copybook series from what I have seen with my experience with Copybook I and now also in Copybook II.  I just wish there was more, but then I realize not everyone likes to write as much as my child. Some might assume that Copybook I is just handwriting, and it is but it isn’t. I guess what I mean is that it doesn’t stop there. Copybook I builds on the penmanship practice in the First Start Reading workbooks starting from the beginning of letter formation with both uppercase and lowercase letters. Again, this follows a trace, then copy method. Copybook I is a guide for learning reading, spelling, comprehension, memorization, punctuation and more. The material chosen is the creame of these lessons which each feature a KJV Bible verse (for lyrical classic tradition) or a line from a classic children’s poem. In Copybook II we also have fun facts for memory to copy as well.

I received a portion of this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details. 

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