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Memoria Press Kindergarten {Review – Part V – Enrichment}

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Source: Memoria Press
Memoria Press K Enrichment

Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment


The last portion of the Classical Core Curriculum for Kindergarten Lesson Plans for One Year and package is my absolute favorite.

Even if you are happy with your phonics, math, and copywork elsewhere you cannot beat Memoria Press’ new Enrichment Guide books. In the main Lesson Plans, you are provided with the schedule for a read-aloud book for the week on Monday, music and art for Tuesday, poetry on Wednesday, history and culture (aka social studies and then some!) on Thursday, and science (ala nature study) on Friday. The Kindergarten Enrichment Guide enhances this so much further!


Memoria Press Kindergarten Read Aloud Books

As I said in my reviews for Junior Kindergarten, the read-aloud selection from Memoria Press is wonderful. There was hardly a title I did not like and most I was happy to add to our home library. Memoria Press tries very hard to keep their current plans to books currently in-print so there has been a replacement of two, but all still with quality literature and often times a vintage classic that is still around to love and learn with the next generation. I have reviewed many an individual title from the selection.

The Little Fir Tree

The Little Fir Tree

Music – I feel like I can echo what I said of Junior Kindergarten, and I made a Spotify play list for free to access the songs and some poems (but this year in First Grade I’m using another’s prepped Spotify list) and instead of nursery rhymes we are listening to symphonies of classical music. In the Lesson Plans you have a name and reference. In the Kindergarten Enrichment Guide you find the musician/composer’s biography and pertinent details to the composition. We listen to the song, often through my phone on the Spotify app, and then discuss it. How it makes us feel? What do we think about? From these short little inspirational chats, now at other random times I’ve discovered my little musician is paying attention to music she hears and discussing the emotions that it raises and what the composer must have been thinking at the time. It’s glorious and a foundation!

Junior K http://open.spotify.com/user/1262955914/playlist/2lLKejbwWg45zgDL01bt7Z

K http://open.spotify.com/user/1262955914/playlist/7vQuanPWRunDVNBZG4Toc7


Memoria Press Kindergarten Art Cards

Art – Oh how I love Memoria Press Art Cards! While I suppose one could look up the suggested art piece, the Memoria Press Art Cards are fabulous. 8×5″ cardstock, we had ours laminated at a teachers’ store and I keep them in a zipper bag. I’ve shown them to the local resident artist and art teacher and she agreed they were well chosen and splendid. There are so many different levels of how you can cover art and especially Art Recitation (Tuesday mornings in the Lesson Plans) but for us we flip through the cards of past weeks and my daughter tells me the title of the piece and occasionally the artist. If it is a medium other than painting she recites that as well. Once again the Kindergarten Enrichment Guide takes it that much further with biographies and details. While not craft heavy as was Junior Kindergarten, I enjoy more of this gentle art appreciate stance. This continues in Memoria Press First Grade Art Cards. I hope this will be something they continue to add to curriculum packages in future years with the next grade levels.


Memoria Press Kindergarten Science & Social Studies Books

History & Culture and Science is where the resource books come in. In a way it is making a unit study off the literature book of the week or the season/holiday event estimated to be going on. For example in week 8 history you learn about All Saints Day and study pumpkins for science (this is about the last weeks of October). The ideas are give in the Lesson Plans and more details and sometimes discussion is in the Enrichment Guide. For me, it is a jumping off point and we delve into a topic to heart’s desire.


Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment Guide

Following the Lessons Plans is completely a capable possibility alone, but the Kindergarten Enrichment Guide provides blissful relaxation to the teacher. In Junior Kindergarten, there was no enrichment guide as the discussion and bullet points to go further were included right in the Lesson Plans, but in Kindergarten it is stepped up a notch. If you cannot do the whole curriculum package, you don’t want to miss the enrichment in my opinion, it is just that great!

This Enrichment Guide is organized by week, matching our Classical Core Kindergarten program. It includes an overview of each read-aloud book, author and illustrator biographies, oral reading questions, and a simple language lesson. These activities will help bring each book alive for your student. Also included are resources for the social studies and science lessons, biographies of the artists and composers, and poetry lessons.


The Lesson Plans simply schedule these activities for you by day. You can get a feel for what the lesson plans will be like by looking at the “Literature & Enrichment” section of the Kindergarten Lesson Plans.

I received a portion of this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details. 

Make sure to check out the parts of my Kindergarten review in posts to come!


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