Memoria Press Kindergarten {Review – Part VI – My Conclusion and Final Thoughts}

CMM CCC-KIn final thoughts, I can tell you as a whole I love what Memoria Press is doing with their curriculum and lesson plans. Almost as it is written it is perfect for my oldest student and I’m becoming eager to watch my next child start to get into the plans as well.

I miss the Devotional and Prayer time in the Lesson Plans like we experienced with Junior Kindergarten. Yes there is a weekly Bible story during the Copybook and Memory time, but it is not daily. Nor is there a devotional like we had last year. If it were possible for Memoria Press to include something like a scheduled devotional in the future I would love that.

Memoria Press Kindergarten Review

Memoria Press Kindergarten Review Conclusion


Memoria Press First Start Reading and Classical Phonics

Memoria Press Kindergarten Lesson Plans is all you need for one year and evens so we have a few outside resources we add in. Going back to echo what I said before, more often than not I forget to add in OPGTR because it is not scheduled in my calendar, and I live by the Lesson Plans from Memoria Press Kindergarten. But when we do it, it does a pretty good reinforcement for what we’re learning in FSR. I also seem to forget to add in the Bob Books, but the problem with that is trying to figure out where to add them in (whereas the MP Lesson Plans include Primary Phonics readers). The Animal Alphabet Coloring Book is not overly exciting, but it is a start, and definitely shows that we need to invest in some more coloring books. 🙂 We will definitely continue all of these Phonics/Reading choices until the MP Kinder year reaches completion. After this so-far portion I am really excited about our future with MP Lesson Plans and curriculum.

Our 2013-2014 Plan

I love the MP Copybook I and it it working out really well. I haven’t found much opportunity to use the Comp & Sketchbook, but perhaps that will come. The only thing that I might be interested in changing in the future is adding in more copywork. Right now it is one phrase (scripture) per week, and I do not think that is nearly enough, but perhaps it is just a slow introduction.

Math has probably been the most surprising success this year! (Well of course, other than learning how to read!) I have Math Mammoth 1A printed, but I need to take it to be bound, however I’m not remotely interested in going until after the Christmas holidays. (As I’m writing, Christmas is next week.) and we hardly use it but for reinforcement. The MP Numbers Book adds in some fun, and I wish I had more pages like it. I have forgotten to keep up with getting new things from, but I have added in some fun seasonal freebies from the Moffatt Girls that we all really enjoy. That reminds me that I also bought two of her themed Kindergarten packs, and they’re perfect for us! (These include Literary and Math activities.)

Rod & Staff Arithmetic 1 is fabulous! Honestly when I was planning to go in to having the MP Kinder program, the math was one thing that I was planning to substitute, but through the blessing of being able to review for Memoria Press and reviews I read I decided to give it a try. I’m beyond delighted that I did. I absolutely love the combination of Bible stories with learning numbers, what great pegs to learn features on and grow with! The way they introduce to learn how to write numbers has also been fun. We also have Counting With Numbers that we didn’t quite finish last year, and we add that in from time to time as it comes too. Without a doubt I plan to continue to use R&S as long as we can.

Arithmetic 1 is continued into first grade, so no changes really expected here. Just keeping on keeping on. Santa did bring a copy of Life of Fred: Apples, so we’ll experiment with that for fun and see if we like it. I would not use LoF alone, even though I know it is possible, its just too different for me. We do not use felt as suggested in the R&S Math, we use Base Ten Blocks instead, but it works out great, especially being in a homeschool and not classroom setting. Oooh!! And Santa has brought a set of Inchimals, so this will be a fun addition! Hopefully in the next year I can add in more “games” to reinforce math concepts we’re learning.

Memoria Press Kindergarten Enrichment Books

Social Studies/History/Geography: Memoria Press Kindergarten Lesson Plans for themes with added in research reading has been an interesting topic to study. The MP Lesson Plans are mostly phonics and math to our experience and only about one day per week is there a social studies suggestion. Often it goes with the typical calendar or seasonal year portion you’re at if you started in the September range. For example Columbus, Thanksgiving traditions and Advent. I have to confess that this is one place where I wish I had more to go on. When I know where to look we do have nifty things to add in from an Encyclopedia, but often I’m clueless where to start the research to add more into it, but then that’s not the focus of this year. So this is definitely something that I would like to be more meaty in the next year.

The Golden Children’s Bible. I really like it as an added feature and think that MP has a great choice in this one, but it’s just one story per week (that then has the one Copybook entry) and I wish there were more. I feel like even though we touch it a bit everyday, it’s not enough and she forgets to think about the Bible through the week. I would like to add daily Bible. We have tried reading from the Family Reading Bible and it works, but it’s not very exciting for her age range to just hear the stories.

Science: Memoria Press Kindergarten Lesson Plans for themes with added in research reading, various books from the Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library, Let’s Read and Find Out Science, Gail Gibbons*, Jim Arnosky, Water Dance by Thomas Locker, Handbook of Nature Study by Anne Botsford Comstock, World of Animals from Master Books. We’re also watching the Magic School Bus Complete Series on DVD, by request or theme. Again like social studies, this is a once a week thing. I do enjoy the books we read, *we haven’t been able to purchase all the Gail Gibbons on our lists yet. I like this approach, but I also want more.

Art & MusicMemoria Press Kindergarten Art CardsLooking at Pictures by Joy Richardson, and Art Lessons with a local artist. Music is from a Memoria Press list that we listen to on a Spotify list I put together. Art has been fun. We’re also spending a lot of time in the Child’s Book of Art and Child’s Book of Prayer in Art and AppleBlossom loves them. Maybe I have an artist yet? We really enjoy the selection of music from the MP Kinder list. I wish I had an easier way to listen to it than from my computer, but without paying to purchase all the songs, it works pretty well to listen to it on Spotify.

In conclusion to my review series of Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum for Kindergarten Lesson Plans for One Year I can say I have loved Junior Kindergarten and Kinder was just as fabulous. Coming into homeschooling and knowing a love for Classical Christian Education and a happy hear toward Charlotte Mason theory the Memoria Press Classical Core Curriculum has been exactly what I need and want. It is the right amount of guidance to help me to seamlessly teach my daughter and I have just enough leverage to use these plans with the way my girl learns best.

It is systematic and daily, but things can be shifted easily. This is an outstanding beginning to any student’s education. Experiencing using this program and with average to accelerated learner I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it or use it again with my next students. I will in part with my next daughter, but we will tweak a little as I plan to use Simply Classical Level C with her first, but that is a review for another day…

I received a portion of this product free for the purpose of reviewing it. I received no other compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this review are my personal, honest opinions. Your experience may vary. Please read my full disclosure policy for more details. 

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