Who are, or rather, what is Frontier Girls?

Creative Madness Mama Frontier GirlsWhen I was a very young elementary school student, I was a Daisy, a Girls Scouts Daisy. My next door neighbor went the full gambit of Girls Scouts I believe. Yet before I got too involved the Troop was disbanded (long story) and my scouting days were over. When I was in the later years of elementary school I participating in something of an afterschool program at a local church that was named something along the lines of Marvelous Mondays or Terrific Tuesdays or some such. We memorized creeds, prayers, and scripture and received pins for our prize as well as pride. I remember adoring those pins and that sash. In my later high school years, I knew a boy who was in a Venturing Crew. I was very interested in joining, but then I was too far away and headed off to college soon anyhow… and thus I was never really a scout. My neices did supply us with cookies for a few years, and a nephew is a good source for popcorn…

Apparently my Enginerd was a Cub Scout – Boy Scout. I’ve seen a picture and can tell you he was one cute little boy. (I’ve always wanted to have an adorable son like him, and now I do!) Tangent. Sorry. The Enginerd did not go too far in scouting, but the memories he has are good ones and he’s definitely of the same mind that we want something for our own children to learn and explore with. Thus, when I found Frontier Girls Clubs and Quest Clubs… our answer was discovered!

It is too long of a conversation, but I’m not a fan of certain things in the current avenue of the Girls Scouts and for my two oldest children, Boy Scouts is irrelevant as they’re nowhere near to Venturing (ages 13+). I found one organization that looked promising, but there are a million various fees and crazy expenses just to be able to call yourself a member and then it starts at age five. However, Frontier Girls and it’s brother co-ed organization Quest start at a preschool-age THREE years old! For my overacheiver adventurous daughter that was perfect – so we jumped right in (she was four when we started). It fits naturally hand-in-hand with our homeschooling plans.

Frontier Girls is a scout like youth program for girls ages 3-18, however they now have an Owl Level added for those 18+ as well. The themes are patriotism, community service, morality, honesty, modesty, and nearly anything you can imagine in the Areas of Discovery such as Art, Agriculture, Outdoors, Home, Knowledge, Science & Technology, Heath & Safety, and Character. There is a strong respect and affection for the military built in and through the purpose of the program. (Read more about Frontier Girls as an alternative scouting option: http://frontiergirlsclubs.com/about-us/frontier-girls-as-an-alternative-to-girl-scouts/ ). An interview with Barbara Baird put this very well, here is a glimpse:

Barbara: How would you say that you’re different than the Girl Scouts?

Kerry: The Girl Scout program has changed dramatically from when I was a girl. They are no longer a skills-based organization, but a leadership-based organization, and they have discontinued most of their badges. Instead, their new Journeys program, which follows state standards for schools, is their main focus. While there are many beneficial things about Journeys, for those looking for a traditional scouting style experience, this is not it. It is too much like school. There is way too much, “read, reflect, and discuss” and not nearly enough “do” anymore. Many great Girl Scout leaders still run their troops in the traditional manner, but it is no longer the focus of the Girl Scout program.

The main focus of Frontier Girls, however, is the badges.  It is about exposing the girls to as many new things as possible and then stretching the knowledge and skills they learn to new levels. While teamwork and leadership are a big part of Frontier Girls, and we offer higher awards that focus on leadership, the badges are what really makes our program special. We have traditional badges such as Camping, Hiking, and First Aid, but then we have eclectic badges such as Gemstones, Kites, and Worms. Frontier Girls badges are divided into nine Areas of Discover.

Read the entire interview on the DailyCaller. 


We started our membership enrolled with Frontier Girls as an individual ($25) membership as a Pioneer for AppleBlossom. Other options are as a member of a Troop if there is one nearby or as a Patriot if you’re part of an active military family. As a Pioneer, with no Troop nearby, myself as mama/teacher is the leader and we can connect with others around the states/world online. Now that OrangeBlossom has reached the preschool entry age of three years old and they have added an adult level we are in the process of upgrading to a family ($50) membership. It is completely affordable to participate and I’m eager for our experiences to continue. (Prices are subject to change, I’m sure and these are just as I last saw them to be.)

Frontier Girls Motto

The Frontier Girls Motto is “See a need, take the lead!” and it is very relevant to everyday life. While as Pioneers we do not have set organized meetings it is delightful to have my girls integrate this motto to daily interaction. We’re now working on memorizing the Frontier Girls Promise and watching as they are learning what these things mean is truly powerful and I’m certain will stick with them.

Frontier Girls Promise:

I promise to love God, be loyal to my country, and love my neighbor as myself.

As a mother, and a homeschool teacher I’m always searching for resources to encourage, captivate, and thrill my children and students. There has bit of research and press lately on the benefits of digital badges, and I believe the same holds to physical merit badges that one can earn through questioning, learning, immersing, and exploring topics. Frontier Girls enhances that for us in our school life.

Ours is a Christian family, and thus Jesus is an integral part of our school. Wonderfully this is also reflected in the promise and creed of the Frontier Girls. After all, it’s the Fruits of the Spirit…

As a Frontier Girl

I will be Loving, treating others as I would like to be treated.

I will be Joyful, finding the blessings in every situation.

I will be Peaceful, respecting others opinions and beliefs.

I will be Patient, persevering toward my goals despite obstacles.

I will be Kind, respectful to all and willing to help others at all times.

I will be Good, pure in all I do, think, and say.

I will be Faithful to my God and loyal to family, friends, and country.

I will be Gentle, taking special care of those weaker or less fortunate than I.

I will have Self Control, using my time, materials and talents wisely, and being accountable for my own

It is true that our school and activities could be accomplished without having a membership in such an organzation. But the message ingrained through earning these badges and interaction with the organization at large is priceless. On my own I would hardpressed to creative opportunities for community service and patriotism. Sure we’d participate in the main holidays of our American country like the Fourth of July and New Years, but how far would we really take it? With the encouragement of Frontier Girls, we  are focusing more on the purpose of Independence Day. We are celebrating veterans and honoring  those who served in duty to our country and freedom way of life. My girls are getting outside and instead of just play they are learning archery, animal tracking, woodworking, weapons safety, bicycling, and soon gardening, insects, and more. We are working on sewing, including cross stitch, embroidery, quilting, and cooking, and then the unlimited knowledge in all other areas of discovery. All in all, my children are learning to learn. Learning to research and delve deeper. They are getting their hands dirty and surrounding themselves in the thrill of interactive continuing education.

My goal is to create life long learners and Frontier Girls makes it an undeniable truth that “you can do anything you set your mind to. From the President of the United States to a mother of ten, your future is up to you.”

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  • I just love the Frontier Girls organization, we looked into it for Mahala when we decided to stop Girl Scouts. We couldn’t find a group within 100 miles, so we didn’t pursue it any further. Happy to see your Family is loving it!

    • As I said to Leah, one of the things I love about Frontier Girls is how you can participate as an individual Pioneer. For us, that has worked out great!

  • leahrc

    This is great! I’ve never heard of the Frontier Girls. I don’t think we have a local group. My girls used to ask about Girl Scouts, but we didn’t want to go down that road. This would be a good alternative.

    • Leah, thank you for commenting! I’m just getting back on track. We didn’t have a local group either which was why we decided to do it as individual Pioneers, but we have found it to be quite fun and are looking forward to the penpal aspect of interacting with other troops!

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  • This sounds like a great organization! =) Thanks for leaving a comment on my post today!

    • It is great! And you’re welcome. You’re so much better at commenting than I, and I truly need to work on it!

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  • MelanieG

    I know I’m late to the party, but I just discovered Frontier Girls and your blog. I’m very excited about it for my stepdaughter. We (me and her dad, really) are a bit disenchanted with the GS organization right now and I wanted her to get back to truly learning. I think FG is going to be the perfect solution for us.

    I’m looking at it as a Pioneer right now, but if I see interest from others, we’ll look to start a local troop.

    • That’s awesome Melanie! I hope that you all love it and that you can find some locals to join in. 🙂