Real-Life Homeschool in the Creative Madness Blossom School {Blog Hop}

Real Life Homeschool Blog HopToday and the days during this week upcoming are special, it is all about Real-Life Homeschool. Because knowing me, you know that everything is always peachy right? For one, we never get sick and have incredible immune systems and energy to jump right in and study the day away! We read multiple books daily and my kids are about ready to become tutors themselves. Okay, now that is farfetched ‘eh? Now, now, before you harass me, stick around this week and get a peek into the Real-Life Homeschool of the Creative Madness Mama Blossom School as we participate in the TOS Blog Crew Blog Hop.

Right now for us life includes an eager to learn 5.5 year old super hero AppleBlossom, her semi-shadow princess little 3.5 year old sister OrangeBlossom, and their always smiling mama’s boy baby brother nearing 8.5 months old. I’m holding Almond boy nearly throughout the night and still nursing on demand so sleep is a coveted commodity thus we’re not a structured schedule school right now. But to give you a typical view…

1:00 AM – OrangeBlossom starts crying. I head to the nursery to her side of their full-sized shared bed and ask her if she needs to go potty. She says no and whimpers at me. I ask again, she blinks and says yes. We take care of business and then I carry her back to bed and tuck her in, she grins and hugs me and kisses at me as I leave the room. (I also tuck back in AppleBlossom and ususally fix a flailed limb hanging off the bed.)

Creative Madness Mama Naptime

Naptime or Nightime – sleep required!

2:15 AM – Usually I’m just finally back to sleep after tending to the princess and then baby brother wakes whimpering and screaming like he hasn’t eaten in days. (Sometimes I get to him before the screams and elbow grunts from the Enginerd…) We snuggle and he nurses back to blissful sleep. (It varies, sometimes at this point I’m too tired to remember to stay awake and he stays in-between us in my bed and sometimes he wakes up every hint of going in the crib and thus stays in my arms and sometimes he goes back in the crib to sleep the hours away.

4-6 AM Respectively – The boy wants to eat again, I do so while in dream land. The Enginerd leaves for work, always giving a kiss farewell to me and a check on all the little people – sometimes I sleep through this, sometimes I smile about the memory all day.

7 AM – The toddler/preschooler princess is doing something loud somewhere waking me with requests for breakfast and refusing efforts to get her back to sleep. I do my best to ignore her within reason.

8 AM – This is a variable. Usually Mr. Grins-a-lot and I wake up smiling at each other I get him all changed, fed, and dressed. Check on the nearing-six-year-old-scholar still sleeping and feed the wild-beast-that-insists-she’s-a-royal-princess-bottom-less-pit-picky-eater-very-loud child. Fairly soon moaning and stretching comes from the nursery and then the drama queen insists she hasn’t slept a wink all night as everyone was disturbing her. (Um, in the 3-5 times I checked she was solidly out…)

Creative Madness Mama The Beginner's Bible

Reading the Bible translate to reading aloud practice for her as well.

Anywhere from 8:30-11 AM – We eventually start school. I’m consistently chanting to myself the three R’s (as I understand them to be – our version – Bible/Memory, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and if we get to it Enrichment) and vying for the day. All while nursing on demand and reassuring the three year old that she did infact just eat.

11:28-12:15 (no idea why repetitively so specific…) Tummys start a-grumbling and string cheese or whatever fruit happens to be around is eaten and then hopefully school time returns, although more often than not this is when mama starts to lose her cool while the baby crawls around following her and lunch is then fixed nap/quiet time is attempted to be enforced following.

3:30 PM – If indeed nap/quiet time was enforced then AppleBlossom has usually read a dozen books and wants me to add them and star them to her Goodreads account. Then Almond has usually slept across my legs while I’m stuck on the couch not moving in fear of his waking. Then OrangeBlossom has usually collapsed on a palet on the floor in her deep sleep nap, of course insisting that she doesn’t need naps anymore. A’hem. – However, if an earlier nap was not attemped, this is usually the crash time which follows an amount of school-like things.

CMM School working hard

4:30 PM – This is the time when all the children start checking the windows and jump at every noise thinking perhaps daddy just might have returned. I’m not sure if it is something they get from me or if it just so happens they’ve all done it. But when the baby crawls to the from window and starts banging on the wood blinds (no longer attached at the bottom, thank you very much…) then I know it’s about this time. If we’ve had a good day, and I haven’t lost my sanity and gone for the peanut-butter m&m’s jar then we might settle for a read aloud snuggled on the couch or a movie of some such. If it’s a don’t-talk-to-me-or-breathe-in-my vacinity-you-disobient-child day, then it’s a bit of go do a workbook page, and go color SILENTLY request until daddy comes home…

Somewhere in here we snack again. Often cheese and fruit, sometimes deli meat or left over protein forms. And I consider dinner while continuing the pick up of whatever I happen to walk by, be it the kitchen counter, laundry, baby diaper, drooled on shirt and so-on. And I contemplate dinner. Now with the prettier warmer days we’ve ventured outside as well.

6:15 PM – The good days have dinner in the oven about 15 minutes from completion as the Enginerd walks in the door to find me in the kitchen washing dishes, or stiring something on the stove, barefoot with a baby on the hip (I’m just sayin’…). The off-days find me barking at children for a few minutes of sanity silence as the husband walks in asks for dinner, I tell him what I’m about to make, he claims he’d rather eat something else and then heads into the yard. Good days are such a blessing! And yet after time I’ve found it’s the little decisions that make them.

Enginerd evening

Evenings with daddy are one of the best part of the day!

Evening – Dinner, daddy, outside, stories, Netflix or Hulu or DVDs/VHS, snuggle, read alouds, and bed. I’d say it’s likely that girls are in bed around 8-ish and now with the new reader she can have the closet light on and read into the night. Most nights she reads them both to sleep. I’ve lost track on what-all she has read now.

9-11 PM – This time frame is open ended as it may be that the Enginerd and I talk, or watch something together, or sit in a room together listening to Pandora and read each our own novels, or we head to dream-land. All day baby rascal boy has nursed and been changed on demand. He often gets a good 30 minute evening nap on daddy’s chest before a night time diaper (we cloth diaper! Usually, I can get him to sleep soundly in the crib until about 1 AM…

But wait! What did you do for your homeschool stuff? Oh, well there is the obvious life-schooling for little people but there is so much more especially for AppleBlossom. You’ll just have to come back to find out more.

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