Real-life Homeschool Library day!

Today I was wracking my brain in an effort to decide what to write today. In effect, it is now 12:19 am and I’m typing this on my iPhone after just having nursed the baby boy back sleep.

*Note a few things here.
1) I’d love to go to sleep but I’m awake just enough that it’s not gonna happen for a bit.
2) I’d love to put the baby down and actually go type on the laptop (thank you BrotherG!) but reference yesterday’s post on putting down the baby at night…

Tangent over, my apologies.

Today was a library day. We are a book loving family but we do not typically venture out to the library. It induces a panic feeling in me that books will be lost. My hands always feeling dirty and my years in nursing school haunt me with the ideas if what pathogens I’ve introduced us to. I’d rather own it if I love it. But anyhow, the girls enjoyed it and both got library cards!

So. Up and at’em. Dressed, changed, fed, and in the car. Off to the library we go. In to pick up reserves and then to the easy-children’s section to look for more. Puzzles, blocks, Legos, and more keep the squeakers entertained as I peruse our possible literary and non-fiction selections. I’m looking did books on the topic of trees for our Forest for the Trees unit study. Two hours later, I round up the cranky masses (all while toting the nearly 20-pounder on my hip and nursing with an attempt at modesty with cameras in mind) into the car and off we go.

Sometimes it’d be straight home but today we met another local mama to buy some of her educational hand-me-downs for the primary ages. And then to another library. (Note: we live in the rural bumble and the libraries here have limited selections although for chapter books the eBook access is awesome.) After a half hour there I’m ready to head home. (Did I mention my bicep is killing me from this drooling kid that so-‘needs a diaper?) Yet I have to wait because the artist AppleBlossom just ‘has’ to finish her coloring page. Though eventually we do leave.

Now around noon we’re home and going for sandwiches. Of course Almond slept in the car so there is no interest of a nap at home. Food done I do a few numbers board books with OrangeBlossom before the high pitch whimpering about everything voice comes out and I send her to bed. She promises she is not tired but when I check five minutes later she is solidly out.


I tell AppleBlossom it’s time to get some school-work done even though I know it’s an odd day. She sits on the couch near me begging for permission to read just one more book before working… Oh if you have to… Finally though she gets a few pages done in workbooks for cursive, phonics, math and a few puzzles in for good measure. Slowly I kit ice while she is reading to me again that he has stopped fidgeting and is actually asleep. I attempt to put him in the crib and praise The Lord for a few minutes of arms-free. I run and do laundry and refill waters.

Next thing I know the Enginerd is home. Sloppy joes are thrown together and my baby is introduced to his first Cheerios. (EBF up until thus point.) Next is teeth brushed and into my bed.

We’ve started a Forest for the Trees unit study and thus we gather the books I’ve chosen for tonight and AppleBlossom and I take turns reading. As she finishes each book I attempt to write a review on Goodreads for my record ( Most of this time the baby hollers because he wants to play and explore and attempt to crawl off the side of the bed and as he is put in the crib he just screams and screams. We attempt to soothe and then opt to ignore (after all he’s only 4-5ft away!). After four picture books and a few read aloud chapter book chapters — AppleBlossom is asleep, OrangeBlossom is not far behind. We relocate them (brought the Enginerd away from his relaxation) to their bed and then I rescue the screamer and tag him along with me. Clean the kitchen, do a little laundry and then plot tomorrow’s unit study day…

And now it’s 12:54 am. Tomorrow is the pediatric dentist (Enginerd off work and running errands) and then a first-for-me unit study day. Ought to be and interesting new experience to our real life homeschool.

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  • We need to go to the library more often, I’m to much into liking the drive thru they have. lol

    • You’re library has a drive through!?!?!

      • yeah, it’s so awesome!! I just order the books on line and drive thru to get them! 😀

        • Wow I’m green. We have to go in, and there is never anyone at the children’s desk which is right at the door. So that’s walking through the entire library with the chaos in hand and on hip. (Even if someone is at the desk, you have to go to the MAIN desk to pick up reserves.) Then they give me looks about keeping the kids maintained while waiting on them to check them out.

          Sorry for my rant.

          I remember one town we lived in where they were delighted to check out our books and especially when there were lots of them. So appreciative of opinions on future book purchases, donations, and just happy we were using the library. This one, every person (except one college girl) acts as if we are stressing them out by getting more than a handful of books at a time as if how dare we make them do work. Gah!

  • Rebecca Ray

    I hate library days. Just keeping it real! LOL It sounds like your day went pretty well though 🙂

    • Gah! Is it because they run off like wild animals? Is it because you know every surface is covered in germs and NEVER cleaned? Is it because all they want to do is jump on the loud computers when you are imagining the quiet reading bliss? Or is that just me? 😉 And yes, as far as library days can go, this one was pretty decent.

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