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La La Logic Preschool Curriculum {Online with printables Review}

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La La Logic Review
La La LogicPreschool is a big topic around here. We’ve been having someone in preschool for the last three years as I had an early start with my oldest child. Yet in all our experiences, this is completely new and fun! La La Logic ~ (http://LaLaLogic.com) is an online preschool curriculum with printable worksheets for reinforcement. There are 100 weeks of lessons, and a I was blessed with A lifetime membership to their: Preschool Curriculum. I have set up both girls to work through this. OrangeBlossom is the main one that I’m aiming for as she is three, turning four years old this summer. She is interested in “doing school” to be like her big sister, but she isn’t quite into it yet, as she has the attention span of a butterfly… AppleBlossom on the other hand has been loving school since she could talk and at five, turning six this summer and nearly finishing first grade curriculum is loving working through this as well.

This is an online resource with items you can/will want/need to print. My daughters were so enthralled with this program, it often found itself into our daily school time. Going into it I had the plan of three days/week for the purposes of this review. There is a huge variety of activities for your students to get involved in! We used La La Logic in a variety of ways successfully. My youngest daughter most often used the Silk browser on our Kindle Fire HD 6 logged in on our second adult account with the wifi on and sitting next to me. While AppleBlossom used our 1st generation iPad in a Safari browser, also right next to me, again also on wifi. I think that this program is awesome, however I would greatly prefer it to be through an app rather than directly a website. Yet this is just my preference, so that I can set the girls up and be nearby rather than hovering to make sure they don’t click off in the browser and head out elsewhere into the online world. However, in a restricted browser on a computer it’s extremely safe – I just don’t often set up the girls on the computer.

La La Logic Review

Alphabet Sorting game on a touch screen tablet

Normally when you look at a preschool curriculum it’s colors, shapes, numbers and nursery rhymes. You have some of those things here, but a lot more brain candy as well! The program is designed to be a 4-5 day per week curriculum, but you can go at your own speed or open the continuous mode. For instance, OrangeBlossom is currently spending about two weeks on one-week’s worth of lessons and AppleBlossom is doing a week OR TWO in one sitting. As of now, you can set up to five students for one lifetime fee! That’s truly nifty considering how this program compares to other interactive annual learning websites. It truly is a treasure.

If you want to give your kiddo something to do in a free time situation, you can set them up with continuous mode that doesn’t end until you tell it to. But our preference is in the curriculum mode, where you click to open and see cute chalkboard images with all one-hundred weeks of curriculum to click on by choice. It is very easy for my girls to navigate. Once you’ve clicked your week of choice, your week lesson plan page appears including the agenda and goals for the week. You can START the week activities, or DOWNLOAD the printables that relate to the activities for the week in the interactive setting, and you can type comments for your own purposes in a little box.


La La Logic Review

Examples of games and logic interaction

AppleBlossom loves this program and asks for it at every turn. My only qualm is that she cannot go and log in and set it up herself as it is internet-based and not app-based, but perhaps that’s my own business getting in the way. In many activities there are cute little creatures that dance with joy when you get something correct. The voice also tells you compliments like “outstanding”, “great job”, and so on. Interestingly in the last week the voice was quirky with saying only partial words, but that might just by my internet connection, otherwise everything worked perfectly.

There is matching, there is counting, number recognition, directions, matching, other skills and all interactive and fun. We will without a doubt be continuing this in our home. AppleBlossom will probably finish before the end of the summer, and while OrangeBlossom will take a bit longer, I’m excited for the interaction she’ll be getting from this program. Definitely fun and definitely worth every penny!


La La Logic Review

Examples of printable worksheets to go along with online logic games


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