• The Mystery of History

Is quitting sugar right for me?

Is quitting sugar right for me? Let’s get a little personal today. I’m not one for usually getting too personal on the blog, however maybe I should from time to time. After all, people are curious sometimes right? And if you knew me IRL (in real life) it’s not like anything I’m saying would be a surprise or unknown to you already. Yet as for on the internet, this is personal. There are some blogs that shout about their exercise and dieting efforts. I’m so not that person. I won’t keep it up and then people will notice and judge me, right? I’m a try your best as often as you can type of person. Hmmm… Where to start? As a youth, I wasn’t a terribly skinny person. I always thought I was heavy, but looking back I realize I was not. I just wasn’t as small as my friend. . .

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