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Weekly Wrap-Up (5/9/15)

Check out these posts you might have missed: What was I up to this week? Well, we started the week very dramatically. With 26 minutes of sleep in the night between Sunday and Monday, we then spent Monday morning in the pediatric emergency room involving a stomach virus diagnosis, IV fluids & medications for my petite princess OrangeBlossom. Tuesday continued with AppleBlossom catching on with all the symptoms and my jumping in with a pre-emptive strike before the worst parts with the miracle drug Zofran. Everyone else has had mild symptoms if any (I’m good thanks! Just a nurse-maid. 😉 ) and now all seems to be on the mend. We had school Wednesday successfully, but Thursday was a bit of a nagging to keep on task day. I’m not sure anything was accomplished. Alas. Better luck next week? I’m still updating reviews. Last week you saw some Janice Thompson. . .

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