CTC Math Online Maths Tutor {Review, 2nd year}

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CTCMath Review

I guess it was about April, last year when I discovered online school programs, or what I called Science Computer School and a Math Computer School Program. Last year, you might have seen my review, when I was first introduced to CTC Math  ~  http://www.CTCMath.com and blessed with their 12 Month Family Plan for their US Curriculum. Again this year I have that blessing! Last year I was extremely intimidated by the idea of starting online school programs, but now we have found them to be a delightful part of our schooling.

Right now my daughter is working to master her addition facts, subtraction facts, and becoming introduced to multiplication theory and facts. Sometimes as we have been going about our school day, we need a little bit of reinforcement or a different way to introduce how-to do a math problem. CTC Math has provided an awesome way to do that for us. We started with CTC last year with a 12 month Family Plan, and we only used it with AppleBlossom (my then four year old working on First Grade math), we continued using it along and along through the year and now this year as of for the purposes of this review we are continuing to use it with AppleBlossom and she is finishing the First Grade math and is working on Second Grade math as well. We are also introducing our younger daughter, three-almost-four to CTC math as well. She loves it! They both do! While OrangeBlossom cannot navigate it alone, she is learning from it.

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For the last several weeks we have used CTC Math with both our girls. Most often we use an iPad with the girls sitting on the couch nearby me. Although now I also have started allowing AppleBlossom to use the Linux Ubuntu laptop to work on it as well with me about ten feet away or so going along with the day. Last year we discovered it worked well with my iMac, and an eMachine PC. My favorite scenario is allowing the girls to use the program on the iPad. I wish there were more child protections there, where I wouldn’t have to monitor the situation. But as far as online school programs work this one goes pretty well.  Last year we planned to continue this program and I’ve been delighted with it. I suppose it is true that we do not always use it as often as I would like, but that is due to fault of our own organization not the program!

The status report emails continue to be my favorite bit on the parents’ side of things. The email let ms know what she has spent time on and how she’s doing. It gives me a bit of conversation where I might direct her next time spend with CTC Math appropriately if need be if I’m not just letting her pick and choose what she wants to do.

For the levels that we used we did not need to print anything and for our purposes our material was completely online. This is a great supplement for extra practice for my older daughter and it is a great introduction tutor for my younger daughter. Both girls love it.

My five year old says, “It was really really great. I had a lot of fun. CTC Math is wonderful because it gives me fun activities and it makes me laugh when I see the man put down his glasses and red spreads out (laser vision?). It explains things to me and I like the videos.”


CTCmath Review

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