SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers {Review}

SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers {Review}

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While it is true that I try to keep the kids off the computer as much as possible, we do use it for educational stuff. These last few weeks I have been able to discover SmartKidz Media Library for Homeschoolers and it has been a neat experience. I do have experience with other online subscription services for videos that we use for education supplements, this product from SmartKidz Media  ~  {} is unique.

SmartKidz Media Review
My five-year-old daughter (a month away from turning six!) currently finishing up her First Grade year in school work has been delighted with SmartKidz Media Library. We’ve set up the login with an autosave password so she doesn’t have to worry about being logged in. Then on most days I allow her to browse around. She absolutely loves the Dry Bones Connected song and video in the Mighty eBook Collection in the Flash Animated eBooks. She tells me that she loves to watch them go through over and over again. The Aesop Fables animated eBooks go great with our studies, but it takes a bit to discover which volume I need to open for when we are reading a particular fables with our literature unit in our regular curriculum.

SmartKidz Media is dedicated to families and presenting educational value through a vision of a kinder, cleaner world for us all.

Screenshot from 2015-06-24 20:12:18

Hovering over an option pops up with information and a Listen or Watch Now button.

More than once when she is doing copywork or working on her cursive I have set up one of the audio from the classical music selections to play through from the Music and Fine Arts. In our other curriculum we have Enrichment with a classical music portion and we’ve been discussing composers and music with emotion. She has carried these traits over to our listening of the music on SmartKidz Media Library and discusses whether songs are sad or happy and how she thinks the composer feels and means for his audience to feel. It’s great to see her learning and continuing that process.

In our history studies we’re studying ancients and often read and discuss Egypt, and we’ve watched some of the film clips of Mysteries from Ancient Times from the World of Discoveries Documentaries section. They were well done and fascinating and covered topics we haven’t yet discussed or read about (such as the Wonders of the World). Using the videos full screen on the Linux Ubuntu laptop running Firefox we had no glitches, except that the screen saver would activate if we didn’t move the mouse from time to time. I would also like to add that there is a World of Discoveries History section that is said to be coming soon and I definitely will be interested in what they have to offer there!

Screenshot from 2015-06-24 20:09:59

This is the opening view we see when we log in.

We havespent so much time in the videos and have not even covered a hefty portion of what there is to offer and I’m eager to continue in the Family Media section for further supplementing and enrichment to what we are already doing as well as interest-led. While I often stay in the sub-sections of the Family Media which includes World of Discovery and Music & Fine Arts. My daughter ventures all through the Reading and Learning Center. I already mentioned her fondness for the Mighty eBook Collection, but she loves to sit with her baby brother and introduce him to the Baby Signs Program and she also enjoys the Ready Set Sing which she often shares with her preschooler sister in their silly times. In the Fun Zone, she enjoys doing puzzles one after another, resetting them and doing them again.

There is even so much more that we haven’t explored!

The SmartKidz Media Library is such a neat idea. With this completely online website you don’t have to worry about what might come up in a browse or search for your child like you would on another video subscription website which houses all media genres. When my daughter is using the laptop, I’m always within the room or in the main open area of our house (living room/kitchen/library/hallway), but if she is on the iMac or PC desktop and we are logged in using Supervised Chrome I truly don’t have to worry as she can only access the domain and not stumble off the website to another. We haven’t had this problem much, but what is even better is that within the SmartKidz Media website there is not a bunch of ads that make her accidentally go elsewhere. She can focus on material that is meant to educate and entertain and it is clean, it is of value, and it is surprisingly good.

While I do have a caveat that I’m truly against when companies change their plural s to a z for fashion sake, it’s not quite enough to make me avoid such a great idea and good website for our family.

I’ve enjoyed the Family Media on nature and documentaries and science. While I haven’t watched the fitness videos I’ll bet they would be pretty good as well. The quality of the videos are very well done and the narrators are interesting and pleasant to listen to. I have been delighted to allow this to enter into our school day with my daughter and plan to keep it up for our full year subscription and then keep my prayers and fingers crossed for an opportunity or budget allowance to keep in going in the future.

Screenshot from 2015-06-24 20:14:50

The videos are a perfect add on, almost lecture-like, to further our studies.

We have had great luck using this website across all platforms and a few of our mobile devices including a 1st and 3rd generation iPad. Our favorite use has been the Linux Ubuntu laptop in Firefox, but all has worked well without a glitch and has provided hours of entertainment for my kiddos.

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SmartKidz Media Review

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