Refining Fire (Brides of Seattle) in stores now!

  It’s been a while since I’ve thrust myself into a novel from Tracie Peterson, but let me tell you. I have more than one full shelf of her books and that’s just mentioning the physical books, I haven’t counted how many when I also include the digital. And speaking of digital, she’s been writing more than I’ve been able to keep up with considering the addition of these youngest two kiddos and I need to catch up! What a great place to start to jump into her latest series of The Brides of Seattle, with the second in the trilogy releasing this July and the third expected to come this fall near October. I need to go back to read Steadfast Heart and look forward to Everlasting Love as well.

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The Creation Story for Children from Master Books {Review}

The Creation Story for Children {Review} from @CherryBlossomMJ

Purchase Answers in Genesis’ most popular resources at great sale prices— shop today! I’ve found myself a fan of Master Books and Memoria Press’ new Simply Classical Curriculum. This book has made it on the list of required books for the Simply Classical Level 1 Curriculum a Special-Needs equivalent for 1st Grade. The Simply Classical program is where I found this book, but it is a great one that all children on any spectrum can enjoy. The Creation Story for Children is really three books in one. The first 15 pages are The Story of Creation for Children, pp. 26-31 are pages with details about God’s Amazing Creatures with details and talking points for discussion with children, and pp. 32-39 are pages that divide up the 139 Psalm with illustrations. While this is a new recommendation to me, this is not actually a new book. Originally copyright 2000 and more. . .

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